Amtrak’s Union Station plan envisions a more passenger-friendly experience. (Doug Kapustin/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Vincent Gray reflects on his trip to China — asked why only a 40-hour work week, he says, “I don’t think there’s a good answer” (Foreign Policy)

Local businessman says he was a Potemkin CBE (Loose Lips)

Fiesta D.C. will be moving to Pennsylvania Avenue (DCist, D.C. Wire)

Cathy Lanier wants reporters to give Hizzoner more breathing room (WRC-TV)

Kwame Brown ponders karma (@KwameBrownDC)

D.C. agencies are mostly “C” students (Post, WaTimes, Examiner, DCist, WUSA-TV, WAMU-FM)

Comment below (and elsewhere) if you think otherwise (WTOP)

Use of housing list in Gray campaign is “astonishing — and deeply offensive” (Post editorial)

Phil Pannell is taking another shot at the Ward 8 State Board of Education seat: “You see white gay men on nearly every elected body in the city. ... But there are no role models for black gays.” (Post column)

Good news for D.C. coffers: Rich residents keep dying (WBJ)

Bob Bennett’s role with Vince Gray: “He’s trying to protect the mayor’s legal options but also to guide a public figure who no doubt in private is shaken by the turn of events.” (WRC-TV) could be yours for the price of a shadow campaign (Yeas and Nays)

DDOT wants traffic signals for Chevy Chase Circle, but Marylanders are balking (Gazette)

More on Eckington beating suspected to be a hate crime (Post)

How one D.C. woman isn’t letting HIV stop her (Post column)

Prominent city minister: “If the people with HIV had more concern about their faith and would participate in the churches ... then we could do more.” (All Things Considered)

School nurse holds up a Magnum: “Guys pick this one because it deals with their macho-ism. This is a smaller size here, and the girls say this is the one they’re really supposed to get!” (WAMU-FM)

DDOT orders study of Potomac rail bridge replacement (WBJ)

Airports Authority now has a federally appointed “accountability officer” (Post)

Readers weigh in on a commuter tax, pro and con (Post)

“You gave me AIDS” killer is convicted (Post)

One unemployment double-dipper gets five years of probation (Examiner)

The D.C. State Fair is moving from Columbia Heights to Capitol Hill (The Hill Is Home)

The gates of St. Elizabeths west campus open this weekend (DCist)

Harry Jaffe senses Obama discontent in D.C.! (Examiner)

Jim Clyburn, Darrell Issa showed up to UDC congressional reception (Informer)

Ex-council candidate Sam Brooks is now greening the D.C. government (GGW)

Today at noon: Chat with DPW about graffiti (RPUS)

Local sports talkers would rather talk about the dismal Redskins than the first-place Nationals (Washingtonian)

Police say Chinatown beating was “so violent they won’t release the entire video” (WJLA-TV)

A Supreme Court justice’s guide to U Street nightlife (Borderstan)

Michelle Rhee is doing TV ads now (EdWeek)

And Diane Ravitch really does not like them (