In a move that will surprise few, police arrested Albrecht Gero Muth last night for the second-degree murder of his 91-year-old wife, Viola Drath. Before Muth’s arrest, WRC-TV reporter Pat Collins caught up with Muth, 47, around his Georgetown stomping grounds. Some juicy quotes: “I am closing the door on you. Thank you. Good bye.” Also: “I think you’re intruding on private property, sir.” Also revealed therein: Besides being a pretend Iraq army general and a frequent subject of domestic violence complaints, Muth is also the kind of guy who likes to pop the collar of his tweed blazer while toting cigars in its lapel pocket.

In other news:

“D.C. Residents Day” before MLK Memorial dedication is now open to all. Because D.C. residents are quite hospitable. (D.C. Wire, WAMU-FM, WRC-TV, WaTimes)

Courthouse guards under investigation for accepting autographed baseballs from Roger Clemens (Post).

Anacostia oil slick disappears (WaTimes, WAMU-FM).

Are storefront churches holding Rhode Island Avenue back? (Housing Complex).

Abbe Lowell not a potted plant (Loose Lips).

Progress for the “disengaged” at the Luke C. Moore Academy (D.C. Schools Insider).

Less DCPS principal turnover this year; but one is leaving to work for former DCPS COO in North Carolina (Examiner, News & Observer).

New Ward 3 middle school is a “terrible idea that would only exacerbate inequities within DCPS and provoke further division within the City.” (D.C. Urban Moms and Dads)

Examiner reporter foils iPhone thief (WTOP).

Can the District government count on $2.2 million in web gambling revenue next year? (WaTimes)

Helen Hayes Awards are still the Helen Hayes Awards, but its sponsoring organization is now “TheatreWashington” (Arts Desk).

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