Safeway’s playing hardball on Skyland. (Paul Sakuma/Associated Press)

In other news:

No iGaming hearing till after holidays (WaTimes)

Harry Jaffe demands indictments by Christmas! (Examiner)

Ahead of hearing, forces mass against possible taxi fare hike (DCist, Examiner)

Initial screening finds White House shooter competent to stand trial (Post)

John Hinckley’s potential freedom from St. Elizabeths to be debated tomorrow in a federal courtroom (Crime Scene)

Ethics bill “while by no means perfect, represents a serious effort in the right direction” (Post editorial)

Tommy Wells wants to end constituent service funds (WAMU-FM)

“A District man admitted to shooting a woman in the head after she told him she had given him the AIDS virus” (Crime Scene)

Talking Wal-Mart on Kojo, 1 p.m. today (WAMU-FM)

Per Long & Foster: D.C.’s hottest real estate is in Anacostia, Hillcrest, Capitol Hill, Chevy Chase, Penn Quarter, Shaw and Shepherd Park (WBJ)

Meet Sgt. Buddy Smallwood, MPD’s longest serving cop (WUSA-TV)

City health officials, “Frosty” keep an eye on Occupy (DCist)

Chief apologizes after cops order freelance cameraman to stop videotaping crime scene (WTOP)

The utter inanity of the Superior Court’s new rules on electronic devices (Citizen Media Law Project)

Artist Manon Cleary, 1942-2011 (Arts Desk)

A “tourist zone” for Metro? (GGW)

ACLU puts a face on the downside of Secure Communities (ACLU)

Chocolate City Beer joins DC Brau in offering growler fills (PoP)

Woman fights red-light-camera ticket she clearly deserves (TBD)

And it’s true: “if you don’t break the law, you won’t get any tickets” (GGW)

Why is the Georgetown ANC sticking its nose into Glover Park’s Wisconsin Avenue decisions? (G’town Metropolitan, Patch, Dish)

What you get for $8,000 a month: “water leaking through their ceiling and walls, brown water coming out of the bathtub faucet, the sound of hammering and drilling ...” (Housing Complex)

Hearing today on permanent fix to expired-tag arrest law (AP)

Changes in store for Fort Dupont Ice Arena programs (Post)

Shocking: Marion Barry, parking scofflaw (PoP)