Franks defended his decision not to allow Norton to testify, noting that it’s custom for the minority party to call a single witness. (Matt York/AP)

In other news:

Census survey data show D.C.’s black population has dipped under 50 percent (Examiner)

Advice for Marion Barry’s next flack: “Never promise him something and then forget to do it. Because he will not forget. And he will haunt you.” (Post)

Shaggy defense” might no longer apply to camera tickets (Examiner)

Bedbugs in the health department! (WaTimes)

Chuck Brown certainly gave D.C. its own sound. He also helped it discover its soul.” (Post editorial)

Chuck Brown mourning crosses borders (@GovernorOMalley)

The future of D.C. retail can be seen in ... Tysons Corner (WBJ)

Bad cab experience? This guy wants to sue on your behalf. (Reddit)

Petition: “Stop treating record stores and vintage stores like pawn shops” (

Happy Bike to Work Day: “Slow your roll, Virginia boy. Can’t you see that I’m busy saving the Earth on my bike?” (Post column)

More than you wanted to know about how Barack Obama ended up at Taylor Gourmet on Wednesday (Young & Hungry)

Painting (non-permanent) messages on Pennsylvania Avenue is apparently kosher (WTOP)

D.C.’s cut from $45 million show-marketing settlement is $70,000 (D.C. Wire)

Brewer’s poster: Pic of Barry and “crack one open, D.C.” (DCist)

Dewey & LeBoeuf sued over $927,000 in unpaid rent (Capital Business)

Lamont Peterson drug test failure leads to cancellation of unrelated D.C. fights (ESPN)

Don’t limit food truck parking (HuffPo

Help out a stabbed Trusty’s barkeep (DCist)

Metro management shake-up (Dr. Gridlock)

Remembering the time Chuck Brown returned to Lorton (State of NoVa)

Finally, a homebrew store of D.C.’s own (WBJ)

Bummer: Good-bye to DCentric (DCentric)

Two million rides for Capital Bikeshare (WTOP)

Reminder: Georgetown DMV branch closes Saturday (G’town Dish)