Still no blow. (Darryl Dyck/AP)

In other news:

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Or is it “rigor mortis”? (Examiner)

No reason to dither on Union Station cab enforcement (Post editorial, Post letters)

Taxi drivers blame gypsy cabs for late-night lawlessness (Post column)

Jeffrey Thompson could be close to selling Chartered Health Plan (Post)

More coverage of South Capitol Street verdicts (Post, Examiner, WTOP, WTTG-TV)

Police union seizes on technicality to sue city over contract dispute (FOP, WaTimes)

Conservative media outlet interviews Marion Barry, who says nothing remotely controversial (Daily Caller)

Counterpoint: “The Rent Isn’t Too Damn High” (WRC-TV)

How D.C. looked from above, 50 years ago (Casey Trees)

Surprise: Harry Jaffe still loves Nat Gandhi (Examiner)

”Worst Real Estate Listing Ever?” (PoP)

LeDroit Park home overrun with bees (WJLA-TV)

Teachers union says special-ed positions hardest-hit in DCPS excessing (Examiner)

Union chief also says education reform should require a “thorough plan to address socioeconomic disparities” (The Root DC)

Alcohol inspector found to have solicited favors from club is gone for good (Examiner)

Downtown parking: worse than Greenwich Village? (TBD)

Alas, downtown parking is not an efficient market (Housing Complex)

D.C. officials won’t say what feds think of its No Child Left Behind waiver chances (D.C. Schools Insider)

The latest McMillan Sand Filtration plans (GGW)

D.C. police respond to some concerns about gun law changes (WaTimes)

Bob Peck’s departure a loss for quality government architecture (Architect)

L Street bike lane will try out “mixing zones” (GGW)

Anthony Lanier’s EastBanc branches beyond Georgetown (Capital Business)

Wanted: Leaf blower ban (City Desk)

Two nods for Kenyan McDuffie in Ward 5 (HuffPo, Frozen Tropics)

Thurgood Marshall Elementary’s long unused planetarium is being re-opened (Examiner)

Hirshhorn’s “Song 1” will continue for another week (Arts Desk)

Hey Juicy J — stop nailing your signs to trees! (District Curmudgeon)