Jeanne Clarke Harris leaves the federal courthouse after pleading guilty Tuesday. (Jabin Botsford/For The Washington Post)

So that “shadow campaign” that campaign workers for Vincent C. Gray described? It was real, according to federal prosecutors and Jeanne Clarke Harris, the PR consultant who admitted in court Tuesday to taking $653,800 of Jeffrey E. Thompson’s accounting firm money and paying for various campaign expenses ranging from yard signs to canvassers to a P.A. system. All eyes now are on Gray, who has a news conference scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday but has declined to address recent criminal prosecutions related to his campaign. A Post editorial Wednesday says Gray’s silence has been “inexcusable”: “His previous claim that he knew nothing of a parallel campaign operation is insufficient in light of the damning details uncovered by federal prosecutors.” More from AP, Examiner, WaTimes, Loose Lips, WUSA-TV, WRC-TV and DCist.

In other news:

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... But other tech incentives were delayed (WBJ)

... And in case you’re wondering, yes, the council can reconvene during recess if need be (DCist)

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“[T]hese days, Chocolate City residents are as tired of Gray — and the rest of D.C.’s political leaders — as they were of Fenty and his jerk reputation.” (American Spectator)

Gay rights icon, former astronomer honored by Asteroid Frankkameny (AP)

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