These bikes have many uses. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Mystery man Howard Brooks, charged in Vincent Gray campaign probe, expected to show his face in federal court today (Post, AP, WaTimes, Wall Street Journal, WRC-TV)

The senselessness of the Sulaimon Brown payoffs (Loose Lips)

Spokesman for powerful House committee head says Gray campaign charges don’t “fundamentally change the facts” supporting budget autonomy (WaTimes)

“Vincent Gray is either a fool or a liar — and I’m inclined toward the latter.” (Post column)

“Surely the public is owed an explanation, and an apology, for the events that now taint the 2010 election.” (Post editorial)

D.C. fire lieutenant accused of stealing hay for her horses (WRC-TV)

More than a dozen riders have complained to Taxi Commission about driver assaults (WJLA-TV)

Kenyan McDuffie: Ward 5’s homegrown “natural pol” (Loose Lips)

Education officials pave way for less reliance on student test scores in teacher evaluations (Examiner)

Iraq War veteran calls suicide hotline, admits possession of three unregistered guns, is surprised when SWAT team shows up (WaTimes)

Soak the suburbs (Brookings, WAMU-FM, Housing Complex, Examiner)

How the First Amendment conflicts with historic preservation mandates for a church’s Capitol Hill digs (Housing Complex)

Farmers market heralds arrival of further development at St. Elizabeths (Capital Business)

Vincent Orange is claiming Harry Thomas Jr.’s old office (D.C> Wire)

Joe Mamo-owned gas stations settle EPA complaints for a song (WUSA-TV)

Homeless vets get housing help from DCHA (WJLA-TV, WTOP)

Unpopular ignition interlock program for drunk drivers could expand (Examiner)

Epic takedown of Time’s “uber-Washingtonians” piece (David Klion)

A big opportunity to upgrade city bus service (GGW)

Marion Barry feels “fabulous” after blood clot issue (WUSA-TV)

Maryland legislature’s tax-hiking ways are making D.C. look good (Blade)

House agrees to partially fund work on Homeland Security campus at St. Elizabeths (DCist)

Hine development revisions ultimately don’t make the building that much smaller (Housing Complex)

Zipcar parking on 14th Street NW moves closer to condofication (UrbanTurf)

Northeast fire displaces six families, sickens firefighters (Crime Scene)

Odd stabbing outside Friendship Heights Metro station (Crime Scene)

Should Clean Teams just be called Jim Graham Teams? (City Desk)

Wegmans indicates ongoing interest in Walter Reed site (WBJ)

A “Brooklyn kind of vibe” for U Street development (DCmud)

Now available: Complete D.C. election results dating to 2004 1994 (BOEE)

Late philanthropist Joe Robert had a really nice wine collection (WBJ)

Now featured on the “Before I Die” chalkboard: graffiti, “GENTRIFY THIS!!!” (PoP)