Box-blocking: Not that hard to avoid. (Michael Robinson-Chavez/The Washington Post)

In other news:

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And they marched on the Wilson Building! (WUSA-TV)

It’s official: Gray wants Deborah Nichols to chair Board of Elections and Ethics (D.C. Wire)

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Passengers, others vent about dismal experiences with MetroAccess contractor (TBD)

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Rating Vince Gray’s grocery bagging technique (TBD)

David Alpert really likes the new DDOT planning director (GGW)

Eleanor Holmes Norton wants a monument to fair housing -- as does one of her major donors, incidentally (Housing Complex)

New York Avenue soon to feature sculpture made of recycled tires (Arts Post)

MedStar in talks to join D.C.’s Medicaid program (@fischer_biz)

Deadly afternoon shooting in Grant Park (Crime Scene, Homicide Watch)

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