Row homes in Bloomingdale neighborhood, Washington. Photo by Jeffrey Porter/For The Washington Post.

In other news:

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Police shoot and kill knife-wielding 24-year-old man; witnesses question why (Post, WJLA-TV)

Mark Plotkin: If D.C. statehood isn’t in the Democrats’ platform, activists need to take the fight to the convention floor (Post op-ed)

By October, Colonel Brooks’ Tavern will be no more (DCmud)

Why Uniontown mattered (CHotR)

Last word on cheating? “It is time to put to rest unfounded suspicions about supposed wrongdoing and acknowledge the progress of the city’s public school students.” (Post editorial)

Police have nabbed a suspect in the Dupont Circle bike-gropings (Crime Scene)

Capitol dome is sorely in need of work; fiscal hawk Republicans object (NYT)

Someone is trying to burgle banks by cutting through walls (Post)

NAACP president says he’d like to be more helpful on D.C. voting rights (WRC-TV)

John Hinckley’s longtime lawyer wants out after family stops paying his bills (Crime Scene, Legal Times)

Time for the Nats to pony up for late-night Metro (Post column, Post editorial)

Because there’s no doubt the Nats are already benefiting deeply from taxpayer largesse (Loose Lips)

Do note: A good Nats season means more city revenue (WaTimes)

Why Michael Brown needs to disclose his campaign finances (Post editorial)

Dorothy Brizill finds “prevalent pattern of forgery” in Brown’s ballot petitions (Examiner)

Most D.C. population growth has been in the core neighborhoods (Examiner)

Georgetown U. taps Forest City Washington to help build a new campus (Capital Business)

H Street shop owner wonders about streetcar: “Is is still going to happen?” (Afro)

Finally: City issues $1.2 million in streetscape recovery loans (Examiner)

Alleged Family Research Council shooter pleads not guilty (Post)

City solicits bids on $51 million in St. Elizabeths infrastructure work (WBJ)

At convention center hotel site, steel will soon rise (WBJ)

A call for an Airports Authority board member to resign (Post editorial)

Annoying Man Terry Lynch accuses Mount Pleasant ANC member of self-dealing (Examiner)

Satisfying takedown of incoherent bag tax “report” (DCist)

Featured on Ben’s Chili Bowl mural: Bill Cosby, President Obama, Donnie Simpson and Chuck Brown (DCist)

Friendship football puts the region on notice with big win over St. John’s (Post)

Yes, kill the wave at Nationals Park (Facebook)