What have you done for the Caps lately? (Toni L. Sandys/WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Dunbar wins Turkey Bowl, but Coach Natalie Randolph has done wonders for vanquished Coolidge (Post)

Going underground in D.C., where “Manifest Destiny pointed down, not west” (Post)

Marion Barry pushes to add ex-offenders to the D.C. Human Rights Act (Post)

Maryland man shot to death after fight spills outside Heritage India -- yes, Heritage India (Post)

Safeway leaves Foggy Bottom — “latest sign of the Watergate’s slow decline”? (Post)

Still no answers on why DYRS failed to send Tyronn Garner, now dead at 17, to a treatment program as a Superior Court judge ordered (WTTG-TV)

Firm at center of grass-cutting saga had its snow-removal contract canceled, too (Post editorial)

President Obama took the girls to Kramerbooks on Saturday (Post)

After years of trouble, including embezzlement scam, National City Christian Church regroups (Post)

Artomatic’s having a tough time finding a new home (Capital Business)

In praise of the Wal-Mart CBA, “a win for a city that already was ahead” (Post editorial)

New city housing director tightens up HUD-funded projects following Post investigation (Post)

D.C. is much less transient than suburban jurisdictions (Examiner)

Big-city police departments confer on how to best handle Occupy protests (Post)

Gray says any Redskins deal will be “partnership” between team and city (WRC-TV)

Federal offices could be located atop Anacostia Metro station (Capital Business)

Petworth’s Engine 24 is 100 years old (WTOP, WaTimes, WAMU-FM)

Spate of taxi robberies appears to be linked (Post)

National Education Association, relatively quiet on urban reform issues, speaks out on Kwame Brown’s teacher incentive plan (WaTimes)

Baltimore’s Coppin State University is trying to improve its abysmal graduation rate. Can UDC — whose rate is even lower — do the same? (Post)

D.C. joins its neighbors in offering more public school data to parents (Post)

Michelle Rhee remains “very, very comfortable and confident” with steps she took to address cheating on D.C. standardized tests (Daily Beast)

AAA foams over new speed cameras (Post)

Harry Jaffe names his favorite city charities, starting with Byte Back (Examiner)

Obama campaign’s D.C. lapel pins are misshapen (DCist)

Dance party in RFK parking lot (Post)

Hearing tomorrow on cab fare hike (Examiner)

In praise of the District government (Post letter)

Wilson Building may glow red to mark World AIDS Day (WaTimes)

Mayor Vincent Gray speaks on potentially “devastating” federal cuts (WRC-TV, WAMU-FM)

Wisconsin Avenue to get median in Glover Park stretch, but no bike lanes (Patch)

Steve Baron to discuss progress at the Department of Mental Health today on Kojo (WAMU-FM)

Fugazi soon to release trove of concert recordings online (New York Times)

Philippa Hughes on the burgeoning D.C. art scene (HuffPo)

Ward 4 Dems honor Barbara Lett Simmons, George Fenderson and John Koskinen (Afro)

Georgetown storefront under renovation collapses on Thanksgiving Day; no one hurt (AP)

Driver slams car into U Street firehouse (WJLA-TV)

Portion of Broad Branch Road closed for a month or more for repairs (WTOP)