A “Fashion Transformation” in progress (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Infant girl dies from exposure after being left on Gateway home’s doorstep (WTOP)

Botched “drum major” quote on King Memorial will be fixed (Post)

President Obama and family worshiped Sunday at Zion Baptist, his sixth visit as president to an African-America D.C. church; “pastors and members of the churches he has attended have resigned themselves to the fact that Obama might visit but most likely won’t join” (Post)

Many homeowners who have used D.C.’s Home Purchase Assistance Program have gone on to foreclosure or bankruptcy (Post)

Colby King: “At the national level, LLCs fuel a fat-cat action plan. In the District, they are used as an incumbent-protection program. Both insult democracy.” (Post)

“[F]ederal officials are right to take seriously the warning from D.C. officials about the health and safety risks posed by the increasingly unseemly encampment. The time may well have come to reclaim this public space”; Interior secretary says he’s ready to “chart a path forward” (Post editorial)

Occupy DC says it will seek anti-corporate-personhood resolution from D.C. Council (HuffPo)

Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe defends his new shift proposal (Post op-ed)

D.C. statehood resolution introduced in Florida legislature (WaTimes)

Cabbie leaders blame illegal cabs, as many as 2,000 of them, for their woes (Examiner)

The InTowner on Harry Thomas Jr.: “His acts were far worse than simply stealing from the public trough; he was stealing from helpless kids — that was truly evil.” (InTowner)

”Organization #3” and “Individual #4” revealed (Loose Lips)

The council aide alleged to have submitted false paperwork for Thomas was involved in a parks department contract Thomas held before joining the council (Loose Lips)

Beware of “pimps and hustlers” in Ward 5 special election, Jonetta Rose Barras says (Examiner)

No more Uber stings, says taxicab commission chair (Examiner)

If Uber is illegal, “something is wrong with the law, not with Uber.” (Post op-ed)

D.C. Public Library is seeing a surge in demand for e-books, leading to some growing pains (Post)

Kaya Henderson is an “Education Activist for 2012” (Time)

Rematch ordered between Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan; Orange wants it in the Verizon Center (Post, Examiner)

Ticket amnesty hasn’t met expectations so far, but a late surge is typical (Examiner)

There’s a new Marshal in town — and he actually lives here already (Crime Scene)

Capitol Hill man’s death on Metro remains a mystery (Examiner)

Can the District keep more of its money at home? (WBJ)

Still some folks vexed by the prospects of bike lanes on M Street SE/SW (DCist)

Why Metro costs are getting out of hand (Post editorial)

More from Delano Hunter on his same-sex marriage stance (Post)

Men impersonating police officers pull over motorist on Texas Avenue SE, rob him (Examiner)

Mood Lounge will reopen, two weeks after stabbings (WJLA-TV)

Business-friendliness rankings and the reality of saving our small businesses (Blade, RPUS)

D.C.’s judicial nomination process is quite orderly, until it gets to the White House (Legal Times)

Bikeshare riders, on the whole, move downhill (GGW)

”Why Don’t More Blacks Use DC’s Bike Share?” (Transportation Nation)

Georgetown real-estate is slumping, too (Where We Live)

D.C. Republicans declined invitation to participate in lobbying trip before decrying its unipartisan makeup (Examiner)

Real-estate lawyer nominated to zoning board (Housing Complex)

Two arrests in connection with 2009 double murder in Clay Terrace (Homicide Watch)