No, Chinatown will not look like this Friday night. (PHIL NOBLE/REUTERS)

So let me get this straight: The District government is planning a youth program in Chinatown on Friday night featuring stay-in-school talks and poetry. And this, the Examiner’s Freeman Klopott reports, brings fears that it will “unleash destructive forces similar to the mobs that have been rioting in London.” Make that one fear, from wine bar owner Mark Kuller: “[I]t’s a mistake to have a youth engagement even in this area. The police have tried to disperse the crowds in London, too. If you don’t think that can happen in the U.S., you’re wrong.” Yep, and just ignoring the kids is working out real well for the U.K. right now.

In other news ...

Wal-Mart pledges $3 million for job readiness and workforce training programs at UDC’s community college (The Post)

Homicides and robberies are down on the year, but total crime is up 3 percent (Crime Scene, the Examiner)

United Medical Center’s new board chair isn’t working out so well (Loose Lips)

Fired DCPS teacher: “It’s part of a whole movement to change the complexion of the city. ... basically, it’s a witch hunt, a plan to rid the District of black people.” (Informer)

Charter schools’ test results “are real cause for celebration, with charter students throughout the city showing impressive gains in both reading and math. ... Consider that students at Thurgood Marshall Academy and KIPP DC College Preparatory Academy in Ward 8 outperformed Wilson Senior High School in Ward 3.” (Post editorial)

Old Post Office Pavilion redevelopment probably spells doom for longtime tenants (Housing Complex)

Mayoral reprogrammings: One Judiciary Square’s “obsolete” elevators to be replaced; security upgrades for New Beginnings (WBJ)

Is the D.C. housing market fading? (Wall Street Journal)

Tom Sherwood: “If we were [Harry Thomas Jr.] or any other public official facing a criminal probe, we would be very nervous at the conviction record [U.S. Attorney Ron Machen] is amassing.” (WRC-TV)

President Obama eats on the Hill yet again, this time at Ted’s Bulletin (AP)