Darrell and Vince, sitting in a House Oversight Committee hearing ... (Jim Cole/AP)

In other news:

Michael A. Brown briefly sued over unpaid rent (D.C. Wire)

More on Jeffrey Thompson and big changes pondered for D.C.’s Medicaid spending (Post, WaTimes, WBJ, WBJ)

Arrest made in alleged sexual assault of 3-year-old (WTOP)

Hotel union is making noise again, this time in Woodley Park (AFL-CIO, Housing Complex)

Our D.C. Taxi Fare Calculator has been updated with the new rates that go into effect tomorrow (Post)

The impact of D.C.’s cycletracks (WashCycle, GGW)

And how they can be improved (WashCycle)

Jack Evans’ tax comments rile Maryland politicos (Examiner)

Lead scientist praises D.C. Water: “Thank goodness they’re not the criminals they once were.”(American Observer)

Man found dead in Trinidad alley identified; not declared a homicide (Crime Scene, Homicide Watch)

Would taller buildings overcrowd Metro, or make new Metro lines possible? (Slate)

More scuttlebutt about a Ben’s Chili Bowl on H Street NE (WBJ)

Kenyan McDuffie snags Stein Club endorsement in Ward 5 race (@mikedebonis)

But Drew Hubbard and Tim Day win best GLAA ratings (Blade)

Man dies on Metro after defibrillator fails to work (Post)

With the release of Kaya Henderson’s DCPS strategic plan, “the school system truly became her own,” says Harry Jaffe (Examiner)

The man who was in danger of deportation after reporting a crime is safe for now (HuffPo)

Questioning Bikeshare’s bottom line (Chicago Tribune via WashCycle)

Final arguments begin in South Capitol Street shootings trial (Crime Scene)

Why crowdsourcing isn’t right for retail (RPUS)

A new Curbside Cookoff is set for May 5: “Trucko de Mayo” (All We Can Eat)

Tiny house FTW: “absolutely nicer than any dorm room or efficiency apartment I’ve ever been in” (DCmud)

Rat at the Mid-City Deli! (Not gonna stop me from eating their fish.) (WUSA-TV)