We’ll take your unwanted arborage. And they don’t need to be cherry trees. (Megan Rossman/WASHINGTON POST)

The city of New York is currently conducting a campaign to plan one million new trees, the New York Times reports. But not all are pleased: “Residents worry that the saplings will eventually lead to buckling sidewalks, dangling limbs, excessive shade and leaf litter, among other things.” Excessive shade? On behalf of this City of Trees, let me be the first to tell Gotham, we’ll be happy to take whatever arborage you can’t handle.

In other news:

Man shot and killed on W4 Metrobus last night (Homicide Watch, Crime Scene, WRC-TV)

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The lesson of Frank Kameny’s last years: “Often having fewer obvious family ties, such as children, gay people may be at greater risk of losing social supports as they age.” (Metro Weekly)

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Airports Authority board meets secretly to discuss being more transparent (Examiner)

Former Arlington County Sheriff Thomas Faust is D.C.’s new corrections director (D.C. Wire, dc.gov)

Bank of America fights to keep dispute with city over Harriette Walters losses out of court (Legal Times)

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Ogilvy got stiffed on expenses for its pro bono work for DCPS (City Desk)

The NBA lockout could cost D.C. $2.6 million this season in ticket sales taxes alone (WBJ)

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Georgia Avenue task force tries to control its own development destiny (Post)

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Frank Gehry defends his Eisenhower memorial design (AP)

Jazz club owners are blaming Jim Graham for something I don’t exactly understand (Arts Desk)

College fair might have been cancelled due to a noise complaint, not safety concerns (D.C. Schools Insider)

Pro-Rhee group releases pro-IMPACT report (Dana Goldstein, Yglesias)

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Like most places, we’re got some bridges that could use some work (WAMU-FM)

Next Wednesday is Nordic Food Day at DCPS schools (WRC-TV)

Occupy General McPherson (@katierogers)