There will be more brow-wiping to come. (Daniel C. Britt/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Former Gray consultants: “This was not at all what we signed up for.” (Post op-ed)

Common Cause CEO: Gray shadow campaign is “a cautionary tale about the corrupting power of secret money in politics” (HuffPo)

Gray defender No. 1: “For good or bad people vote for, or often against, the candidate regardless of who is funding the campaign.” (Dish)

Gray defender No. 2: “[I]t is entirely plausible that Gray’s supporters orchestrated this entire affair without his knowledge.” (WRC-TV)

Muriel Bowser’s top political adviser says a Nov. 6 special election for mayor is “likely” (National Journal)

Harry Jaffe wants a “do-over” (Washingtonian)

One city, two T-shirts (Loose Lips)

No, this is not good for statehood efforts (WUSA-TV)

The District should make it easier to have non-ministers conduct weddings: “Privileging religious representatives as the only non-State actors who can conduct weddings fails to reflect the range of modern conceptions of marriage.” (WAMU-FM)

Protesters demand more local and minority hires for National Museum of African American History and Culture construction (Post)

The case for keeping the streetcar barn at Spingarn (GGW)

”Enhanced 911” will provide key details to emergency responders (Post)

Jack Evans moves to expand library hours, but where to find the money? (DCist)

If Mary Cheh had her druthers, she’d disband the Taxicab Commission (Washingtonian)

Responding to lawsuit, D.C. says it will train school staff to administer diabetes medication (Examiner)

DDOT looking to expand performance parking to 10 mostly undisclosed neighborhoods (Current via Dish)

Turns out, it takes 5,000 e-mails to get Council members to jump (DCist)

Call it a “social media massacre” (InTheCapital)

D.C. United stadium: A “no-brainer”? (Post column)

Irv Nathan defends proposed FOIA changes (Examiner)

D.C. Council to talk alcohol control reform today (AP)

Lee Satterfield says what he’d do with a second term as Superior Court chief judge, notes someone brought a loaded handgun to the courthouse last week (Legal Times)

Deborah Shore of Sasha Bruce Youthwork to get richly deserved White House honors (WJLA-TV)

Family of slain H Street shop owner needs help (Homicide Watch)

Please know: “Fair Housing is Your Right” (Where We Live)

You can drink a new D.C.-brewed beer next month (GOGBlog)

Marion Barry has some thoughts about Mitt Romney (WNEW-FM)

Those steps down by the Lincoln Memorial are also called the Watergate (GGW)

Radius Pizza: Not dead, after all (Young & Hungry)

A gear-shift for Bill Turque, the education beat reporter a newspaper could ask for (D.C. Schools Insider)