The back-slapping and glad-handing has accelerated faster than usual this year. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Vincent Orange finds 2011 donations related to Jeffrey Thompson to be “suspicious and questionable” (Post editorial)

Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe: “I don’t know how to undress a person with my eyes. I think you need your hands to do that, first of all. And I’m not the type to undress anybody.” (WTOP, WJLA-TV)

Police bust electronics shops said to resell loot from street robberies (Post, WTTG-TV, WJLA-TV, WRC-TV)

Streetscape work wears on Adams Morgan (Post)

Jack Evans on why he’s raised so much money for an unopposed race: “Not doing that would send the wrong message — that’s just taking it for granted.” (Examiner)

Public tussle with mayor heralds another term for Nat Gandhi, says Harry Jaffe (Examiner)

Angela Davis’s appearance on court house poster due to her “contributions to the political debate” — not an endorsement of her views (WaTimes)

But the poster has come down in any case (WTOP)

Council bill would broaden “mandatory reporting” requirement for child sex abuse, but advocates question its efficacy (WTTG-TV, Examiner)

Monochromatic architects to design new Ballou High School (Housing Complex)

Dupont ANC Jack Jacobson wants Mary Lord’s State Board of Education seat (Borderstan)

Marbury Plaza tenant battle nears end, with many tenants not satisfied (Housing Complex)

Trial lawyers back D.C. Council bill extending time limit to file wrongful death claims (Legal Times)

Zoning rewrite would allow yoga and karate studios in more places (DCist)

With budget season at hand, advocates rally at Wilson Building for the neediest (Examiner, DCist)

Joint task force busts regional cocaine ring (WUSA-TV)

Mary Cheh calls for Metro pension austerity (TBD)

Arrest made in toddler’s death (Crime Scene)

Columbia Road to lose its middle lane in Adams Morgan (DCist)

Firefighters battled boat blaze on Southeast Waterfront on Friday (WRC-TV)

Easy ways to make it easier to cross the Sousa Bridge on foot or bike (GGW)

Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon comes to town Saturday — plan your weekend travel now (Dr. Gridlock)