Income gaps across the country have inspired protests like this one, outside the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. (Linda Davidson/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Muriel Bowser shrugs off attacks, escapes Fenty shadow and fends off challengers in Ward 4 primary (Post)

Ward 5 education plan puts stand-alone middle school at former Brookland Elementary (Post, Examiner)

Vincent Gray announces he’ll devote $2 million to D.C. resident job training (D.C. Wire, WAMU-FM, Examiner)

But it’s hard to say how many D.C. resident jobs $885 million in stimulus funding created (WaTimes)

South Capitol Street shooter: “I’m looking to spend the rest, if not all, of my life in jail. To expect any less would be dumb and naive.” (Post)

D.C. cop indicted in bizarre shooting incident (Crime Scene)

Gray: Kenneth Ellerbe “has done an exceptional job as fire chief” (WaTimes)

Meanwhile, $70,000 of shirts ordered pre-Ellerbe sit unused in a warehouse (WaTimes)

Deborah Simmons gives Gray a pep talk on his Redskins push (WaTimes)

More could have been done to prevent Medicaid payments to dead patients (Examiner editorial)

Suspended sentence for Sulaimon Brown on traffic charge (D.C. Wire)

You, too, can serve on the new Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (DCist, Examiner)

What Marion Barry taught this crisis-management pro (Washingtonian)

Gray whispers sweet nothings about Nat Gandhi (Examiner)

Without smaller parking zones, parking reserved for Logan Circle residents won’t be (GGW)

Will council incumbents be “guilty by association” with Jeffrey Thompson? (G’town Dish)

Federal Trade Commission is not keen on clearing out for museum expansion (WBJ)

Our deputy mayor is in China doing “initiatives” (Housing Complex)

Industrial compostin’ ain’t easy (Housing Complex)

Flour-y letter keeps Oyster-Adams students out of class for an hour (WJLA-TV)

“The scandals haven’t stopped anyone from moving here and they won’t. So I think we should focus on what is great and happening here instead of spending time wringing our hands.” (G’town Dish)

Notorious Adams Morgan drug corner, Central Union Mission to get condoed (Housing Complex, UrbanTurf)

For $16 million, you can get this house on Chain Bridge Road NW (Curbed)

The IRS (almost) always gets its man (IRS via @Patrick_Madden)

Good studies ain’t cheap (TBD)