The Thomas clan in 1986, the year Harry Sr. was first elected to the D.C. Council. (Fred Sweets/WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Vincent Gray’s agenda “was enough to defeat a shockingly tone-deaf incumbent, [but] it hasn’t been much to govern on” (Post Outlook)

Did the “mystery man in the hat” help throw the Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson fight? (AP)

Colby King on how campaign “bundling” hurts us all (Post)

A fond farewell to Melody Record Shop from John Kelly, and a question: “How can we save Washington’s small, independent stores before they go the way of Melody?” (Post)

Why neither Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe or the firefighters’ union are right about scheduling (Post op-ed)

Meet onetime aspiring nun, former journalist, current arraignment judge Karen Howse (Post)

Love in the time of Occupy (Post)

More Thomas coverage (WaTimes, Legal Times, New York Times, DCist, Examiner, AP, WAMU-FM, WTTG-TV, WUSA-TV; also the official FBI news release)

With Thomas prosecution, U.S. Attorney Ron Machen “has asserted himself as a major player in local affairs” (Loose Lips)

Bob McCartney: All hail Tim Day (Post)

Thom Loverro: “It it hard enough to revive interest in baseball among several generations of black families that have disconnected from the game. When the money meant for that effort gets stolen, it becomes much harder.” (Examiner)

Courtland Milloy to the remaining members of the D.C. Council: “[J]ust resign, all of you — and go do some real public service for a change.” (Post)

”After Mr. Thomas’s guilty plea, the mayor again had nothing to say to his city. The silence is puzzling.” (Post editorial)

Jonetta Rose Barras: “Thomas never intended to represent Ward 5 residents. His goal was to pimp them. ... There’s an entrenched pimping culture in the District that must be destroyed.” (Examiner)

Peter Nickles takes a bow (Loose Lips)

This man says Harry Thomas wouldn’t help him with his gas bill. “Now I see why.” (WaTimes)

Peter Rosenstein: “The District has no more or less crooked or unethical politicians than anyplace else, and in the District most politicians are in it for the right reason.” (G’town Dish)

Deborah Simmons: Time for “true and honest leaders to reveal themselves so voters can begin closing the door to ‘leaders’ who ... deliver little more than the status quo” (WaTimes)

”Should Local Corruption Be Used To Justify City’s Disenfranchisement?” (HuffPo)

Anonymous Senate hold is delaying bill to speed up D.C. special elections (WRC-TV)

A note to anyone trying to place a social services facility in historic Anacostia: “You can try and come here, and we’re going to rip you apart.” (Housing Complex)

Lottery vendor Intralot is helping to write iGaming regulations (Stop D.C. Gambling)

A profile of hunger in D.C.: “The District expects requests for emergency food assistance to increase substantially in 2012. ... It also expects resources to decrease substantially.” (Poverty & Policy)

It’s official: Both 11th Street Bridge freeway spans are now open; local span set to open this summer (Dr. Gridlock, WRC-TV)

Forget breweries — how about a distillery? (Housing Complex)

Metro moving slowly on suicide prevention effort (Examiner)

The D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute’s 2012 agenda, presented “List” style (DCFPI)

More on the changes coming to Union Station’s main hall (DCmud)

Meet UDC’s new provost (Examiner)

The D.C. theater scene matures. “So now what?” (Post)

Why national elections have a negligible effect on local real estate transactions (Where We Live)

David Lee Robinson, 19, shot to death early Sunday in far Northeast (Homicide Watch)

Upper Northwest robbery spree (Post Now)

The Circulator web site is new and improved (City Desk)

Yes, you can skate on the C&O Canal! (G’town Metropolitan)

Taxi hearing set for July 30 (DCist)

Scrubby trees removed in prelude to Near Southeast residential development (JDLand)

Cupcake casualty on U Street (WBJ)