St. Al’s parishioners during last year’s Good Friday stations-of -the-cross walk. (Tracy A. Woodward/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Vincent Gray stands by new housing chief Michael Kelly, who admits to a workplace affair in his previous job (Post, Inquirer, WAMU-FM, WaTimes, WRC-TV, WUSA-TV, Examiner)

Man dead in Fairlawn shooting; police standoff with suspect ensues (Crime Scene)

Meet your non-Democratic at-large council candidates (WaTimes)

Jonetta to Mendo: Don’t wait to establish council education panel (Examiner)

Can the Anacostia Rollers do their thing in just 90 minutes? (The Root DC)

Marie Drissel wants to know why Gray’s campaign treasurer was paid so dang much (AP)

Looks like D.C.’s homeland security chief hit the ground running (WTOP)

House Republicans take to Georgetown to hammer GSA dawdling (DCist)

EastBanc’s Joe Sternlieb discusses Hine plans (Capital Business)

Delay in assessments means property tax revenue is still lagging (Examiner)

Listen to Thomas Friedman’s high-priced stump speech for free (WJLA-TV)

Now Margaret Carlson’s getting in on the D.C. gov tsk-tsking (Bloomberg)

Capital Bikeshare saved users $15 million (WashCycle)

City’s aid to those awaiting federal disability checks has dwindled (DCFPI)

Leroy Cook, 81-year-old worker at Fort Myer Construction yard, is struck by dump truck and killed (WJLA-TV, Crime Scene)

Tom Sherwood airs the latest rumor of imminent doom (WRC-TV)

For some reason, office space gets filled faster when Republicans run Congress (Housing Complex) isn’t doing business with Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst anymore (HuffPo)

Study: Charter schools nationwide enroll fewer disabled kids than traditional public schools (Post)

The Juvenile Abscondence Review Committee could soon have a public member (WaTimes)

Introducing Tom Williamson, your new D.C. Bar president (D.C. Bar)

UDC law school among those with lowest percentage of 2011 graduates in high-quality legal jobs (ABA Journal)

400 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW now even deader (WBJ)

Michael Brown and Yvette Alexander, back in the day — as in eight years ago (@CMYMA)

House committee zeroes out Eisenhower memorial funding (Roll Call, Examiner)

Some other D.C. statue ideas (City Desk)

All hail Ward 8’s “Commander-in-Chief” (DCist)