You don’t own the road anymore, cars. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

NOTA BENE: Harry Thomas Jr. is expected to plead guilty at 11:15 a.m. to federal felony charges. Follow @mikedebonis for ongoing coverage.

In other news:

Marion Barry’s community-meeting retort to minister who opposes him: “I got you a job!” (CHotR)

Yet another FEMS uniform controversy (WTTG-TV)

Expect to see more on these around town soon (GGW)

Annals of gentrification: H Street Playhouse priced out of the area it helped to resurrect (Housing Complex)

The $520 Uber ride (DCist)

“No punishment can make up for the betrayal of the public trust inherent in these crimes. Mr. Thomas represented a city ward with poignant needs. ... Instead of opening up new worlds of sports to needy youth ... Mr. Thomas jetted off to luxurious golf vacations and bought himself a pricey car.” (Post editorial)

Prison advice for Thomas: “It’s all mental.” (Loose Lips)

“Why did the son take care of himself with public funds, as the feds allege? He didn’t come up slow and hardworking, like his father. He must not have adopted the basic standards that his father exuded: work hard, be honest, live within your means.” (Examiner)

“Thomas’ staff is a shell of what it once was.” (Loose Lips)

Long-vacant storefronts at 7th and H streets NW to house Walgreens, Panera and conveyor-belt sushi (Capital Business)

A more complete explanation of affordable housing at the West End Library development (Housing Complex)

Parts of ethics bill must pass through charter amendment process (DCist)

This house, which is nicer than yours, is about to get even nicer (Where We Live)

Barry’s advice for Newt Gingrich: “What Newt ought to be doing is promising millions of jobs to all Americans, and African Americans.” (WUSA-TV)

A three-strike system for violent bars and clubs? (Current via Petworthies)

Should there be more equity in educational cost overruns? (D.C. Schools Insider)

Man dies in D.C. police custody (WaTimes)

More complaints about pay-by-phone parking (Examiner)

”In the absurdist world that is the D.C. metro government, the college bubble has taken a fascist turn.” (National Review)

This seems like a sound decision (Legal Times)