“Brown was dressed for his farewell the way he almost always dressed...” (Photo by Chip Py for The Brown Family)

In other news:

Some custom emergency no parking signs for the Chuckster (@Rizzz)

Vincent Gray to announce joint public-charter school athletics structure (Examiner)

More mixed-use planned for Nationals Park environs (JDLand)

Capital Bikeshare = creeping socialism (WaTimes)

While we’re speculating ... (Loose Lips, G’town Dish)

Armchair prosecutor Jonetta Rose Barras: Why not a RICO case for the Gray campaign? (Examiner)

Conservative revenue estimate could complicate taxi reform package (Examiner)

New human services chief discusses challenges in homelessness, TANF (Housing Complex)

Tom Sherwood: Good lawyering does not good politics make (WRC-TV)

D.C. Improv’s Oklahoma-based owner is missing (Arts Desk)

Eleanor Holmes Norton says budget autonomy is closer than ever (WAMU-FM)

Gray has “heard nothing” from the Hill about his political troubles (WaTimes)

Jim Graham and DCRA share the latest on the secondhand-store crackdown (WAMU-FM)

Developer Jim Abdo: Now a banker (WBJ)

The case for a denser development at the Hine site (GGW)

New local Anacostia span is an upgrade for cyclists (WashCycle)

Preliminary hearing underway for suspect in Eastern Market vendor’s death (WaTimes)

Roy McLeese III is now on the D.C. Court of Appeals (Legal Times)

Dan Snyder’s high school yearbook picture (Kissing Suzy Kolber)