Jeff Ruland (third from left) on the bench for a UDC game last February. (Mark Gail/WASHINGTON POST)

NOTA BENE — I’ll be joining Kojo Nnamdi and Tom Sherwood for the Politics Hour today. Guests are Rod Rosenstein, U.S. attorney for Maryland, and Ward 5’s Tim Day. Noon on WAMU-FM, 88.5.

In other news:

Vincent Gray hosts Bob McDonnell and Martin O’Malley today at the John A. Wilson Building for a Metro summit (Post)

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Bikeshare study says lots about Bikeshare users, not much about bikers at large (TBD, City Desk)

Kenyan McDuffie reminds us his pro-SSM views have not changed (McDuffie for Council)

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Taxicab commissioner accused of housing discrimination (Housing Complex)

House Oversight Committee’s top Democrat thinks Darrell Issa’s Occupy probe is a waste of time (Roll Call)

Development claims cool kids’ hangout (Arts Desk)

Annals of residential branding: “Park Chelsea” coming to Near Southeast (JDLand)

All hail the Green Line, the “preferred corridor for younger households emerging and moving to the region” (Examiner, WBJ)

In defense of Uber: “To say that Uber competes with cabs is like saying McDonald’s competes with Bourbon Steak because they both serve hamburgers.” (GGW)

Attention Tuition Assistance Grant recipients: Some colleges take better care of you than others (College Inc.)

Mary Cheh, Cathy Lanier meet with upper Northwest residents following robbery spree (WJLA-TV)

John Dean explains the unsealing of Richard Nixon’s grand jury testimony — an important precedent for the District’s federal court (Verdict)

All is hunky-dory at Washington Hospital Center, TV spot says. But is it? (WBJ)

Youth baseball academy is nearing completion (Examiner)

Lamont Peterson’s trainer calls Amir Khan a sore loser (DCist)