Fun place to be these days. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

In other news:

In Ward 7, challengers struggle to capitalize on discontent with Alexander (Post)

Gray administration plays hardball on special election funding (Examiner, DCist)

Shadow senator candidate Pete Ross wants jail time for civil disobedience charge (Examiner)

More details on the two-year-old proposal to put a soccer stadium on Buzzard Point (Soccer Insider)

Perhaps you’d like to buy a newspaper? (City Desk)

Taxi czar Ron Linton is almost back from hip replacement surgery and ready to regulate (TBD)

Ward tensions come into play on Hill East plans (Housing Complex)

Throwing some cold water on that “recreation bridge” idea (BeyondDC)

A harebrained solution to the D.C. voting rights problem (DCist)

Bermuda takes note of the notion that D.C. might usurp its insurance haven status (BerNews)

Georgia Avenue jazz club dispute now hinging on whether an Ethiopian immigrant can discriminate against an African American (Arts Desk)

Deborah Simmons: “If that’s what Mr. Gray wants in a CFO, a ‘yes’ man, then the city is headed for Barry lite.” (WaTimes)

Victim in IHOP shooting was gay, listed by police as hate crime (Blade)

DDOT signs new bike trails (DDOT)

The National Cathedral’s shaky finances (AP)

There will be no Washington D.C. Triathlon this June (WBJ)

Foes of Shaw bar plans “apparently consider visual exposure to alcohol more worrisome than the drug sales, troublesome loitering and public urination” (Blade)

Ethics board nominee deadline comes and goes (Examiner)

Zero tolerance for scofflaw bikers and pedestrians? (Examiner)

At least one young professional won’t live in D.C. because she thinks the building codes are lax (Housing Complex)

Owner of burned-out, still-closed Georgetown gas station blames permitting woes (Patch)

Regional growth guru again says federal spending cuts portend doom (Examiner)

Google Maps will tell you exactly where the “Hinckley Hilton” is (HuffPo)