Franklin F. Kameny, in 2005 (Jahi Chikwendiu/TWP)

In other news:

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Jonetta Rose Barras defends re-competing the grass-cutting contract (Examiner)

Tommy Wells left Tom Sherwood a “salty phone message” after confusing him on air with Harry Thomas Jr. (WRC-TV)

IG is probing death of former White House employee Theodoric James (Post)

Alexandria is joining Capital Bikeshare (Post)

The first casualty of “Stop the Machine” (@nigroanc2c)

Let the protesters be! (Post)

A standout teacher explains why IMPACT led her to quit DCPS (Class Struggle)

Phil Mendelson doesn’t want to give Virginia more control over the Airports Authority (Examiner)

Gallaudet University wants to keep its name on a Metro stop (GGW)

Campaign finance report roundups (DCist, Loose Lips)

Will the Department of General Services deliver on big promises? (WaTimes)

Teen stabbed to death was DYRS ward (WaTimes)

Teen gets seven years for zoo stabbing (Post)

Outgoing Deal Middle School principal anticipates a return to DCPS (Post)

Doug Jemal is “very bullish on New York Avenue” (Housing Complex)

D.C. Chamber also opposes Betty Noel’s nomination to Public Service Commission (WBJ)

Community health center planned for Ward 8 (CHotR)

Stuart-Hobson Middle School gets a sweet new turf field (WUSA-TV)

Lionell Thomas will run D.C. arts commission (WTOP)