It wasn’t glamorous but it did its duty. (Bill O'Leary/WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Michael Brown’s campaign never reported any payments to its treasurer and chief fundraiser (D.C. Wire, Loose Lips)

After more than two-and-a-half years, D.C. will restart alcohol breath testing this week (Crime Scene, AP, Examiner, WaTimes)

Allen Lew really knows how to give a pep talk (WaTimes)

Courtland Milloy and Michelle Rhee happen to agree on a lot (Post column)

On D.C. voting rights, what would Frederick Douglass do? (DCist)

UDC needs to get its act together, and fast: “It is time for this institution to serve the real needs of city residents and not the conceits of political or educational officials.” (Post editorial, WRC-TV)

D.C. students are doing better on Advanced Placement exams (D.C. Schools Insider)

Vince Gray tells Nat Gandhi to tighten up his employment screening (Examiner)

Guilty plea in brutal puppy killing (Crime Scene)

Twenty-four years for perpetrator of Chinatown thefts (Crime Scene)

Bloomingdale residents take flooding gripes to D.C. Council (WJLA-TV, Examiner, WUSA-TV)

Lobbying drove D.C. economic growth more than government spending (Wonkblog)

Is “sick and safe” legislation working as it should? (Capital Business)

Harry Jaffe: “It’s not as if the locals didn’t have a chance to run the nation’s capital. They just blew it.” (Examiner)

Federal Communications Commission chair is a big Uber fan (DCist, The Hill)

Mood Lounge shut down after not installing camera system (DCist)

Secondhand stores are legal again (Arts Desk)

Greenery might correlate to affluence, but not in D.C. (Housing Complex)

Why, it’s getting to be inauguration time again! (WaTimes, Examiner, WAMU-FM)

For $4.7 million, you can live in the house built by D.C.’s first territorial governor (Curbed)

Second mistrial for man accused of shooting 16-year-old Prince Okorie (Post)

Cultural Tourism DC leader to retire (WBJ)

Ick: Algae in the Reflecting Pool (Post)

UDC is adding lacrosse teams! (LaxPower)

Taylor Gourmet’s next outpost will be waaay down Rhode Island Avenue NE (RIA Insider)

Tony Williams to streetcar hater: “That’s an old movie, man” (GGW)

The Nationals should probably hire an in-house wedding planner (Sports Bog)

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