Albrecht Muth in April 2010. (Sandy Schaeffer/(C) 2010 SANDY SCHAEFFER / MAI)

In other news:

Why did D.C. get the cold shoulder at the DNC? The Obama campaign “wanted to avoid publicizing African American leaders or causes that might perturb some white voters or hand Republicans an issue to exploit,” delegates say. (Post column)

Resident sues with ACLU’s help after police confiscate camera phone and keep its memory card (Post, City Desk, WRC-TV, WaTimes)

Airports Authority ends contract with ex-board member, cracks down on travel (Post, Examiner, WaTimes)

Live here but don’t vote here? Ask yourself: “Is it more important to cast a vote for a congresswoman far away than to vote for a mayor, council members, and others?” (GGW)

At Options charter school, football is a “precious opportunity” (Post)

Vincent Gray on D.C. convention rally: “[B]y the time we got here, it was over. I guess that’s a metaphor for the whole thing.” (Washington Free Beacon)

Eleanor Holmes Norton says decision to cut her convention speaking role came from “somewhere in the Obama campaign.” (Examiner)

Norton snub was “insult,” says D.C. Dems chair (BuzzFeed)

Norton: “We know full-well we’re not going to get statehood tomorrow. We are closer than most people think to getting budget autonomy.” (Raw Story)

Marion Barry’s long history at Democratic National Conventions (Loose Lips)

”Can anyone take the spotlight away from Barry?” (WRC-TV)

Why won’t Jack Evans hold a hearing about tax assessment issues? (Post editorial)

Occupy wants to stop eviction of Fort Totten pastor (Occupy Our Homes)

Bridging the Anacostia with ... a bridge (NPR, Planning Report)

Person is robbed inside Columbia Heights church (Crime Scene)

Surprise: Man sought in cab robberies misses court date; lawyer says he’s sick (Post)

IG: City should do a better job inspecting homeless shelters (Examiner)

Crafty Bastards is moving to Union Market, charging $10 admission (City Desk)

Union Market, by the way, opens this weekend (DCmud, Hill Rag)

Environmental leader stands up for Christophe Tulou (Post letter)

Marbury Plaza could be nearing a sale (WBJ)

Ukrainian famine memorial will be built near Union Station (GGW)

Police shoot dog; it survives (WUSA-TV)

Federal cuts to HIV/AIDS programs will trickle down, local groups warn (Blade)

D.C. agencies’ approval ratings are up (DCist)

Photos of Southwest, laid to waste in the ‘50s (Metrocentric)

Does Mie N Yu have America’s finest restroom? (Dish)

The UDC hoops team is playing Villanova this year (

KILL THE WAVE (Sports Bog)