Former D.C. Council member Harry Thomas addresses a crowd of supporters Friday evening. (Mike DeBonis/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Forty years after Watergate break-in, little marks the scene of the crime (AP)

Natwar Gandhi is likely to cruise to reappointment (Post)

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Senate spending bill would allow Frederick Douglass statue in Capitol — but will GOP House agree? (D.C. Wire, WTTG-TV)

Taxi fuel surcharge is set to expire on Wednesday (Post, WTOP)

Will your Rush be Plus? (Post)

Colby King: “Lack of explicitly criminal behavior should not be the only standard. What about honesty, doing the right thing, being trustworthy, dealing fairly with others?” (Post column)

Jonetta Rose Barras: “[Vincent Orange]’s fist-pounding, self-aggrandizing performance was appalling. Still, he was the better of the two choices.” (Examiner)

Time to toughen local campaign finance laws: “Fines should be increased, and the ambiguity that lets candidates escape responsibility for the conduct of their campaigns needs to be eliminated.” (Post editorial)

Terry Lynch is Washington’s most annoying man (Post)

Ombudsman: Post editorialists are right to keep the heat on Jim Graham (Post column)

A Cardozo High teacher’s departure highlights DCPS “churn” (Post op-ed)

Jeff Thompson’s campaign cash is MIA (Examiner)

Reuse of Corcoran Gallery has developers puzzled (Post)

Public defender’s refusal to consult a PCP expert means his convicted client will get a new trial (Examiner)

A happy couple celebrates Father’s Day at the Donovan House hotel (Examiner)

Phil Mendelson and Dave Clarke prove that in D.C. “residents look beyond race when selecting leaders” (Post letter)

D.C. police scuffed up vet’s guns before returning them (WaTimes)

Photos from D.C. Flag Day (HuffPo)

Kwan Kearney, double murderer, gets 105 years (Homicide Watch)

Meet the city’s sustainability champs (

Restaurant association wants council to keep NIMBYs from obstructing liquor licenses (Young & Hungry)

Take a bus to the Ward 8 farmer’s market (Post)

Police union’s court loss rooted in whistleblower law (Crime Scene)

How D.C. Superior Court is helping ex-offenders be better fathers (Post column, WJLA-TV)

Inclusionary zoning still “hasn’t had much to show for itself” (Housing Complex)

Deborah Simmons likes Nat Gandhi — or, rather, hates David Catania (WaTimes)

Interesting approaches to FOIA redaction (Loose Lips)

Shakespeare Theatre Company is in landlord-tenant dispute (Style Blog, Legal Times, DCist)

Former D.C. technology chief moves into federal job (Federal News Radio)

Kenyan McDuffie went for a helicopter ride (@Coreyagriffin)

A new book about Congressional Cemetery (GGW)