Expect to see many cops standing near monuments this weekend. (Matt McClain/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Barack Obama wasn’t the only one to unveil a jobs plan Thursday (Post, WaTimes)

Tommy Wells does not care for your “wine and cheese” stereotyping of Ward 6 (D.C. Schools Insider)

Marion Barry’s still filing contract disapprovals for no good reason (Loose Lips)

Cornell Jones’ attorney: “I’m going to get biblical on you. Moses was a murderer . . . and he was rehabilitated and changed his life. . . . My client paid his debt to society and is helping people better their lives.” (Post)

DOH’s top preparedness official explains how the city’s improved its emergency response in the past decade (Homeland Security Newswire)

In Breathalyzer whistleblowers, Harry Jaffe finds two more cops under siege (Examiner)

Pennsylvania Avenue isn’t quite Fifth Avenue, but it’s close (WBJ)

National Cathedral cancels 9/11 anniversary events (Post)

Work at Georgia Avenue Wal-Mart site briefly delayed over permit snafu (WBJ)

Time to do something with U Street alley lot? (Housing Complex)

“Putting the Fun in Fund Balance!” (DCFPI, natch)