Rhee, a week before what was supposed to be her original wedding day. (Gerald Martineau/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Cornell Jones, accused of using AIDS money for strip club, slings anti-gay epithets at David Catania, Jim Graham on radio show (WaTimes)

D.C.’s food truck regulations are onerous, but libertarian lawyers see bigger problems elsewhere (Post)

Metro turns to contractors to help with escalator woes (Post)

Senate spending bill would complete current St. Elizabeths construction, but not start more (D.C. Wire)

Rare to read: “Police union chief Kris Baumann had no comment Tuesday.” (Examiner)

Indeed, “claims about the city being ‘a city divided’ need to be tempered by the reality that these divisions exist all over the place.” (Yglesias)

Former D.C. Latino liaison continues to intervene in vendor dispute (Examiner)

Officers who testified about Breathalyzer program sue for retaliation (Examiner)

Andi Pringle’s firm had its corporate registration lapse in 2009 (Post editorial)

Jack Evans says he wants IG to probe “iGaming” legislation (Examiner)

Got something to say about the District’s Code of Judicial Conduct? Speak now. (Legal Times)

OK, if something has big, hard-to-solve problems, you should ignore its small, easily solved problems. Gotcha. (U.S. News)

Foggy Bottom gets its Whole Foods (Patch)

ICYMI Monday, a closer look at the void Saul Solorzano leaves in the Latino community (Post)