Shakieta Smith, 25, was told she’d be investigated for child abuse for seeking space in a homeless shelter. (Michael S. Williamson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Ethics experts say unless Robert Spagnoletti swears off D.C. government work, he’ll be hopelessly conflicted on ethics board (Post op-ed)

Defense lawyer Charles F. Daum: Guilty of faking evidence to get client off (Post, Legal Times, DOJ)

Friday evening storm hit wards 4 and 5 hard (WRC-TV, Post)

Meet the reclusive Japanese biotech tycoons that now own the city’s two most expensive houses (Post Magazine)

Vincent Gray goes to China: “I came to do certain things, and I am focused on those things.”(Post)

His security detail is not making the trip (Loose Lips)

Jay Mathews on 2011 DC-CAS probe: “I have been a reporter for 45 years. I have seen many cover-ups. This looks like one to me, and to many educators I have spoken to.” (Class Struggle)

Students busted teachers who helped them cheat (Examiner)

Marion Barry’s streetcar meddling shows D.C. contracts approval system needs reform (Post editorial)

There are ties between a Barry drug trial figure and Jeffrey Thompson money network (WAMU-FM)

Muriel Bowser: Gray administration FOIA proposal “backtracks” on transparency (Examiner)

Family and friends say goodbye to slain shop owner June Kim (WJLA-TV)

“What LivingSocial Tax Break Deal Will DC Buy?” (DCFPI)

How one D.C. church is working to get more black women tested for HIV (Post)

Superior Court to whiny grand jurors: Go whine to the U.S. attorney (PoP)

You didn’t miss much at the D.C. Dems’ K-K dinner (Loose Lips)

Three members of Barry Farm drug gang get life in prison (Post)

Fire union makes ruckus over out-of-service firehouses (WTTG-TV, STATter 911)

Buy in Anacostia while you can (UrbanTurf)

Nationals Park drew its 1 millionth season attendee last week — two weeks ahead of last year’s pace (JDLand)

One of them was famed heckler Robin Ficker (Post)

Another one wants healthier food inside (Post letter)

“If the D.C. government was doing a good job, Terry Lynch would not need to ‘nag.’” (Post letters)

Federal grant will help connect Anacostia Riverwalk Trail to Maryland (WashCycle, StreetsBlog)

Holland & Knight doesn’t take kindly to reporters crashing their events (WaTimes)

United House of Prayer eyes city parcel at 7th and Rhode Island (Housing Complex)

Twenty-two years for killer in Heritage India shooting (Homicide Watch)

Antione Bates, 23, shot to death early Saturday in Petworth (Crime Scene, Homicide Watch)

Woman stabbed Sunday on A8 Metrobus in Washington Highlands (Crime Scene)

Two of four planned tenants for The Yards’ Boilermaker Shops pull out (JDLand)

Hine project will get third round of hearings before Zoning Commission (UrbanTurf)

District employees place third in innovation contest with “Business One Stop” Web site (Capital Business)

God help you if you’re trying to renovate a house in Cleveland Park (Where We Live)