Technology and better management have improved government services since 2000. (Amanda Voisard/The Washington Post)

In other news:

Bring it on, snow (Post, WaTimes, WRC-TV, WAMU-FM,

It wasn’t just cat litter in Dupont woman’s trash, says DPW (WTTG-TV)

Let’s regulate the tattoo parlors (WTTG-TV, WaTimes)

Cat-poisoner gets probation, is ordered to stay away from felines (Post)

Goodbye to Joe Robert, with Tony Williams, Adrian Fenty, Colin Powell, Antonin Scalia, Chris Matthews, Quincy Jones, Chris Tucker and Babyface (Reliable Source)

Park Service unveils potential improvements to Rock Creek hike/bike trail (WashCycle)

Can D.C. handle 10 percent more hotel rooms? (Housing Complex)

DDOT buys two more streetcars (WBJ, Housing Complex)

Does Gray have any hope of winning over the Post editorial board? (Loose Lips)

Gray to Georgetown: “The rumor is true. ... we are trying to get the Redskins back.” (G’town Dish)

Why that “community schools” hearing was canceled (D.C. Schools Insider)

Deborah Simmons hates the idea, by the way (WaTimes)

Roosevelt High employee accused of egging on daughter’s fight (WJLA-TV)

Another shutdown? Whatever. (DCist)

Counterpoint: There’s no real reason movies should open early in D.C. (Arts Desk)

Why Duffy Dyer thinks about ethics reform: “[Y]ou don’t ask a committee of foxes to write rules that protect the hen house” (WTTG-TV)

Big donors rule the campaign finance roost (Loose Lips)

Are there more gay couples getting married in D.C. than straight couples? (PostPartisan)

No objections to gay divorce bill (Metro Weekly)

Lottery contractor let its corporate registration lapse (Post editorial)

Good on DCRA, for allowing “pop-up” food-trucks-turned-restaurants (WAMU-FM)

Details on new Dupont deli (PoP)

Superior Court Judge Zinora Mitchell-Rankin is retiring; lawyers, get your applications ready (Legal Times)

WTOP makes a big play on digital news (WTOP)

Not-entirely-rank speculation that I’ll get a Trader Joe’s two blocks from my place (Housing Complex)

More violence on Clay Terrace, this time a stabbing (WUSA-TV)

DNA evidence leads to conviction in 2000 rape (WRC-TV)