Last week was a tough one for the District of Columbia, with federal indictments and such. So WRC-TV’s Jim Vance gives us a pep talk: “I am disgusted and embarrassed by the recent revelation of campaign skullduggery; it was wrong and probably stupid,” said the veteran news anchor. But, Vance adds, every other indicator of urban life is headed in the right direction: “We have come an awfully long way from days of darkness to a city of light and energy — energy that won’t be dissipated by the likes of Howard Brooks or Harry Thomas.”

In other news:

Mayor Vincent Gray’s problems have potential rivals smelling opportunity (Post)

Colby King: Prosecuted Gray aides “helped perpetrate an unpardonable act of deception on our city” (Post column)

Bob McCartney: “If [Gray] continues to refuse to explain to District voters what went wrong in his 2010 campaign, then he needs to resign.” (Post column)

How 72 years can change a city (WaTimes)

Woman said to have ordered young son to steal cell phone in Columbia Heights (Post)

Jonetta Rose Barras calls out Yvette Alexander for nearly causing an accident while driving while talking on a cell phone (Examiner)

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Pay your respects to Chuck Brown Tuesday at Howard Theatre (HuffPo)

Four city pools closed Monday “due to rowdy patrons” (@DCDPR)

Fenty campaign chairman addresses Gray campaign news: “I think it was very hypocritical to run a campaign on honesty when in fact they were not.” (WAMU-FM, WRC-TV, WaTimes)

Contra: “Mr. Fenty lost his own campaign; he needed no help from others to do so.” (Post letter)

Courtesy Nikita Stewart: Sulaimon Brown 101 (Weekend Edition)

Livable and walkable doesn’t come cheap (Post)

Why kids commit serious crimes: “The majority of these teens are not psychotic or mentally disturbed; very few of them actually have disorders. It all comes back to their environment.” (Post op-ed)

”If [Rep. Trent Franks] is so interested in running the affairs of District residents, as evidenced by his effort to restrict their abortion rights, then let him deal with all the other issues of local government.” (Post editorial)

As Hill approaches budget season, voting rights activists tout coalition (WaTimes)

SWAT team told of unregistered guns trashes veteran’s apartment, kills his tropical fish (WaTimes)

Marion Barry’s approach to apologies: “I think this was a ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch at some point.” (ComPost)

Frank Kameny’s house has been sold in an unlisted sale (Blade)

Still crickets from Gray administration on ethics nominees, campaign finance reform proposal (Examiner)

Yes, Harry, a “conspiracy” in plain sight (Examiner)

And, yes, Harry, the government trying to collect what people owe it is “another way to harass D.C. residents” (Examiner)

A fine recap of Height Act talks (WSJ)

Saturday’s United House of Prayer parade, in photos (DCist)

Georgetown University President Jack DeGioia can’t avoid the spotlight any longer (Post)

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Barry, notable vote against gay marriage, spoke at the D.C. Black Pride kickoff event (Blade)

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Women stab woman Friday night near Convention Center (Crime Scene)

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