Santae Tribble is seeking to clear his name. (Alexandra Garcia/WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Vincent Gray: “I think when you cannot make decisions for yourself, fully, in what purports to be a democracy, then you are, to some extent, enslaved.” (Tell Me More)

Kwame Brown, sharpshooter (WaTimes)

Jeffrey Thompson could be about to sell Chartered Health Plan (Post)

D.C. Vote national poll finds broad support for letting D.C. manage its own affairs (D.C. Wire)

And Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) pledges to introduce budget autonomy legislation (Roll Call)

LUMEN8Anacostia postmortems (CHotR, Housing Complex, BYT)

In Virginia, Thompson gave heavily to Tom Davis (WaTimes)

More details on Thompson’s giving to Harry Thomas Jr. (WAMU-FM)

This pedestrian is mad as hell, and isn’t going to take it anymore (Post letter)

Harry Jaffe isn’t a fan of loosening height limits: “Bad idea. Very bad. Horrible. Misguided. Soaked in greed.” (Examiner)

Things you probably don’t want to do as a government employee: Make a crack about a congresswoman in front of a huge group of people (WUSA-TV)

Gee whiz, Uber sure is great (Atlantic)

Depends on what the meaning of “frozen” is (D.C. Schools Insider)

D.C. Vote hits the Hill today (WJLA-TV)

During budget negotiations, Kwame Brown would like to know about small-bore capital budget reprogrammings (Examiner)

Chuck Thies: D.C. democracy needs an overhaul (WRC-TV)

Police brass return from Israel (AP)

Why Occupy protesters are now sleeping outside banks (Examiner)

Eric Holder remembers John Payton as a man of “big plans, bold ideas and limitless potential” (Legal Times)

At Nats Park, $10 will get you a pretzel “split open and stuffed with cheese and crab stuff” (Sports Bog)

Now on Georgia Avenue: $12 Bloody Marys! (PoP)

At Farragut West, art on the walls (TBD)

Inside LivingSocial’s latest real estate (Capital Business)

Idea: Repay city employees for only two of four furlough days and use the money instead for affordable housing (DCFPI)

It’s DC-CAS season. Remember all those cheating allegations? (Examiner)

D.C. Center to Reeves Center? (Housing Complex)

For every dollar a white man earns in D.C., a Hispanic woman earns 41 cents (DCentric)

Hey, farmers market patrons: No coffee for you! (Post)

That long-promised Leica store is finally open (PoP)

Where was President Obama on Opening Day? (Post letter)

Anacostia Riverwalk bridge opens next week (WashCycle)

But he sure does look cool, doesn’t he? (Examiner)