A dispute over this gaudy, cheap plastic bracelet led to the killings of five young people. (Courtesy of U.S. Attorney's Office)

In other news:

Michael Brown: “I don’t believe being a victim of a crime reflects badly on the campaign. I think it reflects badly on the thief. ... I feel profoundly betrayed.” (Examiner, WAMU-FM, WRC-TV)

Ex-treasurer’s lawyer: “He has not stolen any money, and Michael Brown knows it.” (WaTimes)

Zoning Commission takes up Hine redevelopment, gives approval but has further questions (DCmud, Hill Rag, EMMCA)

Council candidate Mary Brooks Beatty: GOP’s “vision of fiscal responsibility and accountable leadership should appeal to urban dwellers” (Daily Caller)

The Mount Pleasant Library reopens today (DCist)

DYRS touts strides since the South Capitol shootings (Examiner)

Neil Godleski was failed by the system, says Harry Jaffe, and his family’s civil lawsuit could fix it (Examiner)

Union asks D.C. teachers to wear red in solidarity with Chicago strikers (Examiner)

Adrian Fenty discusses the Chicago teacher strike today (WAMU-FM)

“Is Obama Kind of Like Fenty?” (WRC-TV)

Courtland Milloy drives a Solara — and hates speed cameras (Post column)

A Howard U. student says camera tickets kept her out of college this semester (HuffPo)

Bad driving is a “deep Washingtonian disease” — better the “vigilance and skill” learned in South Dakota (WaTimes)

Too many grocery stores in mid-city neighborhoods? (HuffPo)

Two injured in Washington Highlands daytime shooting (Crime Scene)

Man stabbed, 16-year-old shot in separate overnight incidents (Crime Scene, Crime Scene)

The D.C. Food Trucks Association is now the Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington (All We Can Eat)

What it’s like to compete on a Bikeshare bike (DCist)

The NSO comes to U Street (AP)