Can Chairman Mendo herd his cats? (Astrid Riecken/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

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Jack Evans guarantees Nats fans will have a ride home after late games — but won’t say who’s paying (WTOP)

How the D.C. Public Library could do more to help homeless patrons at MLK (DCFPI, GGW)

“Are construction projects luring prostitutes into downtown D.C.?” (Capital Business)

Zookeepers keep a close watch on baby panda, from a distance (Post)

Vincent Orange posed at an event’s photobooth with a female staff member who was not his wife (Loose Lips)

The rains came, and somehow Bloomingdale made it through fine (WJLA-TV)

“The council should cede the prerogative to meddle” and give up its power to approve large contracts (Post editorial)

Kenyan McDuffie is eager to tackle jobs (Examiner)

Plenty of folks still annoyed about D.C. Jail’s camera visitation system (DCist)

Ralph Nader’s latest harebrained idea to help the District: Let’s have a presidential debate here (, City Desk, DCist)

It takes hundreds of cops, apparently, to police playoff baseball games (Examiner)

Howard dorm has a roach problem, students say (City Desk)

Today Meridian charter school cuts ribbon on renovation of the old Harrison school (Borderstan)

Free farecards will have to wait until after the Jewish high holy days (Examiner)

David Grosso is doing a Reddit “ask me anything” Thursday (Reddit)

Meet the panda’s “personal gynecologist” (DCist)

D.C. teen stands accused of assaulting homeless persons in Montgomery County (Patch)

Alleged taxi robber can breathe easy (Post)

Prince George’s man dead in afternoon shooting near Stanton Road and Suitland Parkway (Post, Crime Scene)

Woman sexually assaulted by gun-wielding man in Petworth (Crime Scene)

Letter carrier stands accused of stealing mail (Examiner)

Dude loses a finger at Smith Point, was so drunk he didn’t notice until it was too late (City Desk, Post)

D.C.’s pizza pioneers (Ghosts of D.C.)

So, on his day off, Bryce Harper hung out at Ben’s Chili Bowl with Wale (Facebook, DCist)