Meet Metro’s new map, rejiggered by Lance Wyman, designer of the iconic original. The Post’s Dana Hedgpeth goes through the service changes reflected on the new map: “New York Avenue station will keep its name for a year and then become NoMa-Gallaudet U. The new name for King Street will include Old Town in its primary name. At the Navy Yard stop, the station will be called Navy Yard-Ballpark. The changes to the Blue Line, which Metro is calling ‘Rush+’ will start June 18. Seventeen stations will see more frequent service with six additional trains every hour during rush hours, Metro officials said.” Also, GGW goes deep on the design tweaks.

In other news:

Tax office worker who stole $400,000 will do 30 months in prison (Crime Scene)

D.C. police throw kitchen sink at citywide robbery spike (Post)

”[C]ulture of purchase card abuse” in Metro planning department (Post)

Gay man shot in IHOP speaks, says he was victim of hate crime (WRC-TV)

”[I]nappropriate behavior and ... disrespectful manner” leads to indefinite closing of Park View Rec Center (Park View D.C.)

More attention on campaign money orders (WRC-TV, WTTG-TV, WUSA-TV)

The Jeffrey Thompson campaign donation network extends to Southern California ... (WaTimes)

... and a Hill East hair salon (WAMU-FM)

Ward 5 special election field set — 13 candidates (@DCBOEE)

Look like the special election will get funded with new revenue, but not much else will for now (Examiner)

Kwame Brown-backed schools bill on tap for initial vote today (Examiner)

Harry Jaffe speaks up for the mandatory SAT testing part of it (Examiner)

Can prosecutors send Antoine Jones to jail without GPS evidence? (Legal Times)

High-profile suspected hate crimes joined by less-noticed incidents (Metro Weekly)

”Power pool” saves District congregations money (AP)

No hotel at 13th and U; apartments instead (Housing Complex)

As charter schools threaten to overtake traditional public schools, do they need to start acting more like traditional public schools? (Fordham Institute)

Temporary urbanism now involves shipping containers and tacos (Housing Complex)

What Hizzoner can do to address affordable housing (GGW)

Could D.C. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh be the next Republican SCOTUS pick? (New Yorker)

Bikeshare already plenty popular on the Mall (TBD)

Muriel Bowser signs feature Bowser colors — as in the Super Mario Bowser (Petworthies)

Harlem Globetrotter dribbles his way across Key Bridge (Georgetowner)