A three-year-old Powell Elementary student (Marvin Joseph/WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Joe Robert, real estate mogul and philanthropist, dies at 59 (Post)

Will Union Station ever live up to its potential? (City Paper)

Trinity president Patricia McGuire: “[T]he responsibility of the other elected leaders is not to defend their colleague, but to ensure the rights of the citizens of the city to full and effective self-governance.” (HuffPo)

“The income gap between whites and blacks living in the District is one of the widest in the country, new census statistics show. That stands in stark contrast to the Washington suburbs, where the gaps have become some of the nation’s narrowest.” (Post)

Former candidate Tim Day talks about his Team Thomas expose: “This was not something I was sitting on as a campaign strategy. ... I’m the openly gay black Republican in Ward 5. What were my chances?” (HuffPo)

Brenda Donald is returning to run CFSA (Post)

Protective Services chief is among D.C.’s salary-pension “double-dippers” (Loose Lips)

Vince Gray’s office doubles as go-go video set (The Root DC)

Jay Mathews: D.C. charter schools “are a success, if you judge by achievement, growth, parent support and thoughtful supervision” (Post)

Skyland gets a farmer’s market (WBJ)

Georgetown didn’t delay the Apple Store. Apple did. (G’town Metropolitan)

D.C. United doesn’t seem much interested in sharing a Prince George’s stadium with a lacrosse team (Examiner)

Try again for a city arts grant (Arts Desk)

Workers’ group says Clyde’s is a bad employer (Young & Hungry)

Worth a listen: Kojo panel on money and local politics (WAMU-FM)

Wal-Mart’s D.C. agreement isn’t all that “unprecedented” (Housing Complex)

Solar panels for DCHA complex (WAMU-FM)

Deborah Simmons: Slow down on ethics bill (WaTimes)

Parents of dead Afghanistan vet aren’t happy with MPD investigation (Times Union)

Gray attended the GU community Christmas party (Dish)

D.C. is a 100-gigabit-per-second city (WAMU-FM)

Chuck Brown plays Cardozo Friday (PoP)

Poplar Point not developing anytime soon (GGW)

Free the growler (DCist)

Tommy Wells, park police (@tommywells)