The less-permanent memorial, seen last year, on the bridge that takes New Hampshire Avenue over the crash site. (Amanda Voisard/WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Children’s Law Center report: D.C. kids are not getting needed mental health care (Post)

For Jeff Thompson, “the foundations for his political and business fortunes were paved during the Williams administration” (WaTimes)

Kwame Brown warns colleagues against GSA-type antics on yearly Vegas trip (WAMU-FM)

Detective in Catherine Fuller case denies allegations of coercion, beatings (Post)

D.C. Council candidate David Grosso’s edgy new stance: He loves mom! (HuffPo)

HUD to provide “technical assistance” to D.C. housing programs (D.C. Wire)

Today in columnist hyperbole: “District education reform is dying,” says Jonetta Rose Barras (Examiner)

Tourists pumped $6 billion into city economy last year (Examiner, HuffPo)

SEIU pays for Occupy D.C. office space (Examiner)

Vincent Gray’s taxi regulation watchword: “fair” (D.C. Wire)

Gray administration says Cathy Lanier’s contract doesn’t expire for another year (WTTG-TV)

Gray and David Catania willing to compromise on Healthcare Alliance funding (Examiner)

Metro riders at Van Ness capture iPhone thief (WTTG-TV)

Measure limiting jail time for illegal immigrants passes council panel (Examiner, WaTimes)

Takoma gets its own Horace & Dickie’s this week (PoP)

A French take on the D.C. gentrification story (AFP via DCentric)

Chartered acquisition makes sense for Philadelphia health firm (WBJ)

That firm settled fraud allegations in Kentucky last year (WaTimes)

More zoning prevarication, now repeated by Michael Brown (GGW)

Booze interests predictably vexed by proposal to hike booze tax (WTTG-TV, WRC-TV)

Check It’s back with a new show (WJLA-TV)

Early morning stabbing in Georgia Avenue nightclub (WRC-TV)

Speak now if you have a problem with Superior Court judges John Campbell or Anita Josey-Herring (Legal Times)

The cutthroat D.C. yoga industry (Post)

D.C. gets no respect from this James Beard fellow (DCist)

A liquor license for Politics & Prose? (PoP)

Title bout in doubt after Lamont Peterson fails drug test (Post)