Former D. C. mayor Anthony Williams. He’s living strong, in any case. (Michael S. Williamson/WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Meet the Rubells: First they took Miami, now they take Southwest (Post)

D.C. is on pace for 108 killings this year, down from 132 last year (Post)

Vincent Gray making slow progress on filling board-and-commission vacancies (Post)

”Gray knows full well that his administration is in trouble, yet he hasn’t moved sufficiently quickly or decisively to fix it.” (Post)

Surprise: Albrecht Muth isn’t actually an Iraqi army general (Post)

The D.C. Economic Partnership ponders a future without government support (Capital Business)

Southwest Waterfront will host upscale hotel (Capital Business)

Hearing today on Peaceoholics audit (WAMU-FM)

The history of the Anacostia, “a poor man’s river” (Post magazine)

And meet the Seafarers Yacht Club, whose members ply it (Post magazine)

Pictures: MLK Library, open for business (G’town Dish)

OCFO’s internal watchdogs called “dysfunctional and corrupt” by former employee (Examiner)

$19 taxi fare cap will soon be no more (WTOP)

Woman arrives from Argentina to stand trial for 2007 murder (Post)

D.C. Public Library’s naming rules have been broken before (Post letter)

David Catania on Obama: “He is singularly the most important president we’ve ever had when it comes to the advancement of rights for the LGBT community” (Blade)

That out-of-context “drum major” quote on the MLK Memorial ought to be fixed (Post editorial)

Petworth about to get artisan charcuterie (PoP)

Industry flack says tort reform could increase the number of D.C. doctors (Post letter)

Vincent Orange wants voters to decide whether D.C. Council members should serve full-time (Post)

Double stabbing in upscale Connecticut Avenue apartment building (WTTG-TV)

CityCenter contractor is getting picketed this week (Capital Business)

Nostalgia and the Cleveland Park Giant (Post)

Afghanistan vet may have started fight that ended up killing him (WUSA-TV)

Metro board enjoys catered lunches (Examiner)

New police recruits arrive at academy today (WAMU-FM)

Deborah Royster also suing Pepco for discrimination (Loose Lips)

A D.C. family will actually live in a Solar Decathlon house (GGW)

Southwest fire station building will not in fact be fire engine red (Metrocentric)

The Hawk ’n’ Dove as we knew it is no more (DCist, WJLA-TV, WTTG-TV)

Objections to Secure Communities persist (Rights Working Group)

Is charter school funding “separate and unequal”? (D.C. Schools Insider)

Georgetown ANC sees compromise redistricting plan (Vox Pop)

The 14th Street small-business massacre (UrbanTurf, GGW)

DCPS survey-takers want “equality” above all (Examiner)

Gray administration tells the Advoc8te cupcakes will not longer be fenced in (CHotR)

Why water taxis don’t make sense for D.C. (Rebuilding Place)

D.C. Water’s George Hawkins gets nod from Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (Bay Journal)

DCPS laptop thief sentenced (Examiner)

More than 900 words about why it stinks that the Treasury Department closed a sidewalk (GGW)

Nevada congressman startled by Washington’s sleepiness, asks to be mugged (