Henderson has kept the heat on poorly performing teachers. (Evy Mages/For The Washington Post)

In other news:

Latest taxi reforms are overwhelmingly popular, but many remain wistful for zone system (Post)

Scary close call at National Airport: Controllers put planes on collision course (Post)

Utah senator tries attaching D.C. abortion restrictions to cybersecurity bill (WaTimes, DCist)

Another estate dispute delays the burial of Frank Kameny’s ashes (Blade)

Hear no shadow campaign, see no shadow campaign (Loose Lips)

Uber fans can be terribly charming (City Desk)

Department of Human Services goes about ending D.C. welfare as we know it (Examiner)

Henderson still faces tough questions about Phelps principal’s departure: “This is a UVA moment,” parent shouts (Informer)

Wal-Mart’s ambitious D.C. timeline remains ambitious (Examiner)

Yvette Alexander and Ron Moten continue their war of words (Informer)

Kwame Brown’s CBE speech: Cancelled, or merely postponed? (Loose Lips, Examiner)

Speaking of CBEs, the Gray administration wants a review of the program (Loose Lips)

At Gallaudet, Capital Bikeshare’s first campus station (WAMU-FM)

Beware of more aggressive D.C. debt collection (WJLA-TV)

New Jersey Avenue NW could go two-way south of New York Avenue (GGW)

Education reform needs a “strategic planning meeting,” Deborah Simmons says (WaTimes)

Hospitality High is getting its own building, in Shaw (WBJ)

DCPS has a social media coordinator, and his job is “to make students feel proud of their schools” (Examiner)


Could The Guards, Georgetown institution, be closing for good? (All We Can Eat, G’town Metropolitan)

Farewell to Armand’s pizza (WBJ)

Farewell and best wishes to the Brightwoodian (Brightwoodian)