Donald Zimmerman, left, chats with 13-year-old Dionte Anderson on his way to school this week. (Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)

In other news:

D.C. spending bill goes to Senate floor “clean” (Post, WaTimes)

In praise of “One City, One Job” (Post editorial)

This business with Sulaimon Brown’s evidence will be going on for a while yet (Post, Examiner)

”Nothing should be too costly for an officer that has sacrificed his health for the [police department],” says disabled cop’s lawyer. Taxpayers might disagree (Examiner)

Now city officials say the new sex-ed testing is a “pilot” (D.C. Schools Insider)

Georgia Avenue gets its streetscape money back (Examiner)

Remembering Gaurav Gopalan on the theater scene (Arts Desk)

Hayden Panettiere is apparently still interested in D.C. voting rights (DCist)

SAT scores drop in D.C. and suburbs (Examiner)

FBI investigating who in the D.C. police messed with the infamous Pershing Park “running resume” (WTTG-TV)

Great stuff on the history of Anacostia (DCentric)

Tommy Wells bill would allow cyclists to sue drivers (WAMU-FM)

D.C. human rights office looking into Catholic University’s same-sex dorm policy (WTOP)

Traffic cameras: “What once was a simple system meant to tax Virginia and Maryland commuters has become a full-fledged Big Brother spy network.” (WaTimes)

D.C. “not invited to take part” in MLK Memorial dedication, says Mark Plotkin (WTOP)

Adrian Fenty to Oberlin: “I believe that the purpose of being in office is to get things done, not to get reelected.” (Oberlin Review)