The Park Service hints these guys might soon be street-legal on the Mall. (Ricky Carioti/Washington Post)

In other news:

Harry Thomas Jr.: “My job now is to assure that the citizens of Ward 5 continue to get their fair share, and that is what I continue to do.” (Post)

With Wal-Mart lease, Barry-era land deal finally pays off (WaTimes)

Let Georgetown grow (Post editorial)

Vince Gray and Lorraine Green caught up at Saturday’s D.C. Chamber dinner (WUSA-TV, Georgetown Dish)

Two Saturday murders capped 2011’s deadliest week to date (Post, Homicide Watch)

Steven Pearlstein: D.C.’s new downtown, aka the “little OPEC colony here in the middle of Washington” (Post)

Colby King: Gray “had better be telling the truth” about campaign allegations (Post)

Jonetta Rose Barras: an “incremental erosion of standards that particularly threatens low-income communities” is ripening in city government (Examiner)

Deborah Simmons: Gray, with his immigration order, “is seemingly breaking the oath of office to which he swore” (WaTimes)

Cafritz Foundation’s Fort Totten redevelopment project is stalled for at least a year (Capital Business)

Judge Brook Hedge remembers performing her first same-sex wedding: “I remember the joy when barriers were broken. That was the joy I was feeling.” (Washingtonian)

Nearly three years for summer-jobs worker who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting teenage girl (AP)

Fifteen years for ex-cop who used his cruiser to serve as lookout for a deadly robbery attempt (Post)

Middle-school inequities could lead to “racial explosion,” says Kwame Brown (Examiner)

His “truly brilliant idea for fixing America’s inner city schools” (HuffPo)

What to do with the rail cars that Metro’s about to retire? (GGW)

Gray and Michelle Rhee communicated in private pretty much the same way they communicated in public (TBD)

D.C. voting rights: the case for going it alone (Patch)

Is the city going to be “running a shelter program that is outside of the law” this winter? (DCFPI)

D.C. unemployment remains unchanged, at 11.1 percent (news release)

Sandra Seegars announces another run for Ward 8 Council member, with ex-mayoral hopeful and Ward 4 resident Leo Alexander as campaign chair (CHotR)

On-field brawl ends Anacostia-McKinley football game in the third quarter (Post)

Freedom Plaza’s a lousy place to practice democracy (Housing Complex)

Lots of incentives in play to get good teachers in bad schools (D.C. Schools Insider)

Ron Moten: “I will bring you ethics, I will bring you jobs, and I will bring you equality.” (WTOP)

Golden Triangle BID’s retail goal: More Thomas Pink, less Dress Barn (Capital Business)

Metrobus crashes tick up (Examiner)

Will Jim Dyke’s appointment upgrade the Metro board? (Post op-ed)

”Reformers like Rhee, believed they could substitute urgency for thought and care.” (Answer Sheet)

Read Rhee’s $35,000 speaking agreement (At the Chalk Face)

In Ward 8, “Redistricting is a Contact Sport” (The Art of Ward 8)

Cops who roughed up man in wheelchair won’t face prosecution (Post, Examiner)

Gray thanks 7-Eleven for local hires at new Northeast stores (WTOP)

In Georgetown, the 7-Eleven was actually there first (G’town Metropolitan)

State Superintendent Hosanna Mahaley loves a double-decker bus tour (Examiner)

Eastern Market kiosk gets boring-er (EMMCA)

In case you need a refresher on the origin of “Adams Morgan” (DCist)

D.C.’s five most expensive residential listings (Curbed)

Man arrested after finagling his way into GWU residence hall, fighting students (Crime Scene)

Man found dead in Shaw alley (PoP)

West End robbery spree (WUSA-TV, WTOP)