The Blu Tantrum Mas Band probably won’t be marching through D.C. this summer. (Jahi Chikwendiu/TWP/JAHI CHIKWENDIU/TWP)

In other news:

Plan to combat cellphone thefts involves “centralized database to identify stolen phones and render them useless” (Post Tech, WSJ)

Howard Theatre reopens with a splash (Post, WAMU-FM, City Paper, HuffPo, WJLA-TV, WaTimes, DCist)

The price of Marion Barry’s anti-Asian comments: His Democratic National Convention seat? (WRC-TV)

Park Service considers issuing permit to McPherson Square protesters for the first time (Examiner)

Maybe trunk-slapping is not such a good idea (WashCycle)

Mayoral budget plan includes budget autonomy language (WaTimes)

Jim Graham wants “maximum public comment” on bar hours extension proposal (

Phil Mendelson wants more answers on botched 911 call (Homicide Watch)

Library of Congress staffer says he was fired because he is gay (Blade, HuffPo)

A closer look at the pros and cons of cab modernization (Transportation Nation)

Vince Gray’s campaign driver has links to Jeff Thompson associate (Loose Lips)

Orioles skip says Nationals Park “won’t stand the test of time” (Sports Bog)

Seth Hurwitz shares his secrets of his D.C. rock success (The Eagle)

Four of the Princeton Review’s best 300 undergraduate professors are at Georgetown U. (College Inc.)

”Tommy Tucker, Washington’s most famous squirrel” (Post column)

”Rush Plus” means funky new Metro signs (TBD)

Innocent-until-proven-guilty has a price (Examiner)

Why pay for last year’s furloughs out of this year’s money? (DCFPI)

Nat Gandhi to council: Time to cover these spending pressures (Examiner)

Lots of building going on near Harry Jaffe’s place, and elsewhere (Examiner)

Cleveland Park firehouse doors can indeed be widened (Housing Complex)

FEMS says feds wouldn’t have been much help in replacing fireboat (Examiner, OIG)

D.C. Brau celebrates one year in business (GOG)

”Put the occupiers to work cleaning up McPherson Square” (Post letter)

We’re so un-hipster (DCist)