D.C. police officers outside the residence of assault suspect Michael Davis on Friday morning. (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Four years in prison for Harry Thomas Jr., prosecutors urge (Washington Post)

Thomas: “By violating the trust that people placed in me, I brought shame not only on myself, but on my family and my supporters.” (District of DeBonis)

Vincent Gray doesn’t think council’s investigation of CYITC should involve subpoenas (D.C. Wire, Loose Lips)

In Marion Barry, Colby King sees shades of Adam Clayton Powell (Post column)

Philippines VP takes notice of Barry’s nurse comments (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Linking Barry’s Asian comments to his schools record (WaTimes)

The case for reappointing Natwar Gandhi (Post editorial)

Hotels, union reach five-year contract deal, ending noisy pickets (Capital Business)

UDC Community College chief leaves for Florida job (FKCC, Housing Complex)

Hey, everyone, there’s an election coming up in Ward 5! (Post)

Prosecutors consent to dropping murder charge against man who spent 28 years in prison, but stops short of full exoneration (Post)

Former CYITC board chair John Hill recalls political pressure (Examiner)

Mary Cheh: “The Post’s editorial board seems committed to oppose any legislation with my name on it.” (Post letter)

”[A] taller, more affordable District would be a nicer sight than any view of a monument.” (Post op-ed)

Florida Avenue incubator folds; will move to MLK Library (Capital Business)

A new call for higher income taxes on D.C.’s rich (Post)

Charter schools are the reason for DCPS’s innovations (Examiner editorial)

A surprise 50th birthday party for Ian MacKaye (WTOP)

Remembering Marvin Gaye’s landmark homecoming concert, 40 years later (Post)

Council close to moving forward on furlough repayments (Examiner)

Innovative thinking from Jonetta Rose Barras: Why not put school libraries under the D.C. Public Library’s purview? (Examiner)

Joel Osteen to a packed Nationals Park: “Supersize” your faith (Post)

John Thompson III testified before the D.C. Zoning Commission to help sell GU sports facility (Vox Populi)

Gray has no doubts streetcar line will open as planned next year (WAMU-FM)

Natwar Gandhi reprises his role as the Mahatma (@SegravesWTOP, WAMU-FM)

School officials optimistic they can finally end busing lawsuit (Examiner)

This new D.C. resident is not impressed with the cab service (Post)

Only New York, San Francisco and Boston are more walkable than D.C. (GGW)

No need to fear the zoning rewrite (Post op-ed)

James Ray Sherrod, 22, shot to death Saturday afternoon in Kenilworth (Homicide Watch, Crime Scene)

Joseph Denard Southall, 30, shot to death Sunday morning near Edgewood Terrace (Homicide Watch)

Cellphones targeted in three Monday robberies (Post)

Two Sunday robberies in Georgetown (Examiner)

Remember when Abbe Lowell represented Thomas, for a second? (WaTimes)

Jack Jacobson gets Victory Fund backing in Ward 2 school board run (Blade)

Some guy who was on his grad school ethics board would like to serve on the D.C. government’s (Examiner)

Good news: That bus driver doesn’t have meningitis, after all (Dr. Gridlock)

Still more changes to the Hine redevelopment project win mostly plaudits from HPRB (DCmud)

”Photo: Marion Barry Reacts to Being Introduced as Former Mayor Williams” (City Desk)