Brown, left, and Gray can both lament dismal poll numbers. (Katherine Frey/THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

Subsidy for Columbia Heights IHOP made Sen. Tom Coburn’s “wastebook” — did it deserve to? (New Columbia Heights, City Desk)

City appears to be cracking down on food trucks who break parking laws (WRC-TV)

City revenue projections show FY12 surplus, bleak out-years (WBJ)

IDEA, Community Academy charters face revocation (D.C. Schools Insider, Examiner)

”The District’s population figures cap a decade of success in maneuvering a turnaround in the city’s fortunes, and its image.” (Post, WaTimes, Examiner)

First Source reform bill is signed (WUSA-TV, DCist, WaTimes)

Will the Langston or Cook schools see takers a second time on the block? (Housing Complex)

You can still get arrested for speeding really fast (Legal Times)

How churches are assisting Occupy (Examiner)

Remembering the epic MPD stings of yesteryear (Washingtonian)

How to jumpstart development on outer Rhode Island Avenue? (Housing Complex)

Everything you need to know about the once and future I-695 (GGW)

Meet hunger striker Adrian Parsons (TBD)

Watch Dead Prez rock Occupy D.C., courtesy of Sinclair Skinner (City Desk)

At least 67 homeless persons died in D.C. this year (WAMU-FM

D.C. Council taking a second look at Peaceoholics (Examiner)

EastBanc wants to buy Georgetown post office (Cap Biz, G’town Metropolitan)

For more job training money, D.C. should look to food stamps (DCFPI)

DDOT backs off Petworth meter installation (Petworthies)

D.C. cop convicted in stolen iPad case (Crime Scene)

Please do not tip the garbageman (City Desk)

Champ Lamont Peterson gets a key to the city today (

Metro employees give Southwest schoolkids some holiday cheer (Post)

Natalie Williams to lead picket against Anacostia shelter (CHotR)

Another driver harassed a cyclist with a large chunk of metal (Pedal ‘n’ Purl)

Seniors will get their Ensure after all (WRC-TV)

Man, 60, shot in Hillside Road SE robbery (TBD)

Four others shot in late Wednesday incidents (Crime Scene)