Police have had to adapt to resurgent activity in places like the H Street NE corridor. (Ricky Carioti/WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

A mostly positive review for Kaya Henderson’s IMPACT changes (Post editorial)

If D.C. was ready to pursue hosting the Olympics, “why can’t we make the same commitment to house our homeless neighbors, feed hungry families and clothe young and old in our community?” (Post op-ed)

D.C. agency launches campaign to combat anti-transgender discrimination (Blade)

U Street: A “swagger-jacking” hotbed (The Root DC)

In the end, Kwame Brown’s Navigators cost taxpayers $33,613.51 (Loose Lips)

In latest round, 300 D.C. kids get school vouchers (Post, Examiner)

More on what D.C. United’s CEO had to say about a new stadium: “We are talking to Baltimore and we are talking to D.C.” (Soccer Insider)

Whether half of IMPACT is based on test scores or a third, it’s still all baloney, says Valerie Strauss (Answer Sheet)

A dose of what-if-Michelle-Rhee-had-stayed alternate history (Post op-ed)

Jack Evans and Adrian Fenty met up to talk about ... something (Loose Lips)

Federal grant to aid D.C.’s teen parents is ending (WAMU-FM, Examiner)

Preservation groups raise caution flags on proposed Union Station overhaul (Examiner)

Report faults response to April 2011 fire; union blames lack of training (WaTimes)

Are D.C. scooter laws in need of improvement? Or do scooter riders just need to follow the laws on the books? (WRC-TV, DCist)

New D.C. health director is a South African native (WaTimes)

Artists lament potential Corcoran move (WTOP)

”Books & Bites” program parks food trucks outside the MLK Library (Young & Hungry)

Big law firms open their wallets for Legal Aid Society (Legal Times)

Deborah Simmons, in the course of saying something about a commuter tax, says D.C. “belongs to the people of the United States, including the estimated 617,996 people who currently reside here” (WaTimes)

Cleveland Park: Still a great place to live (Post)

Man is shot to death in Petworth, near Georgia Avenue and Park Road (WTOP)

Dice game killing nets D.C. man 35 years in prison (Crime Scene)

Single-car crash in Deanwood kills one woman, injures another (Crime Scene)

While in D.C., mind your droves of animals (DCist)

At her birthday bash, Muriel Bowser’s shares her ecumenical interests (Examiner)

It’s official: The Guards is no more (All We Can Eat)