The mayor denies knowing about the existence of the public housing list. (Jabin Botsford/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

The International AIDS Conference is underway, opened with “repeated assertions that the 31-year-old epidemic can be realistically brought to an end” (Post, Blade)

City unemployment drops to 9.1 percent, lowest in three years (, WaTimes)

Phil Mendelson’s unlikely citywide appeal (Post)

David Catania says he won’t be running for mayor (Loose Lips)

But Jack Evans certainly is (WaTimes)

The broken-windows theory applies to D.C. political corruption, too, says Colby King (Post column)

Officials deal with overflowing frustrations over Bloomingdale flooding (Post, DCist, WaTimes, WUSA-TV, McDuffie)

Consultant’s advice to Gray: “Forget the lawyers and the loyalty. Take some responsibility, and we can move forward as a city, possibly even with you at the helm.” (Post op-ed)

Jim Vance feels the same way (WRC-TV)

Ron Machen: “The large-scale shadow campaign we had here ... is unprecedented.” (New York Times)

Time for the D.C. Council to ban using private e-mail accounts for public business (Post editorial)

D.C. small businesses could be forced to buy health insurance through new city exchange (WBJ)

Deborah Simmons is anti-Initiative 70: “Campaign donations are a way for individual and corporate donors to have a say in elections — and that is precisely as it should remain.” (WaTimes)

Courtland Milloy: “Whatever’s on your mind, D.C., do not let the politicians steal your joy.” (Post)

Famous virologist: What helped beat back AIDS in Africa could help in D.C. and Baltimore (Post op-ed)

How D.C. makes it easy to get tested for HIV (NPR)

Petworth neighbors not happy with home’s Occupation (Post)

A do-nothing D.C. Council? (Examiner)

Two hundred grand a year gets the District a three-person Shanghai office (Examiner)

Martin O’Malley’s Jeff Thompson donation math doesn’t make a lot of sense (WaTimes)

Superior Court’s chief judge called out Michelle Rhee for cutting school-court programs (Post)

At D.C. Public Library, free books and free meals (Post)

IG notes ongoing weaknesses in unemployment office (Examiner)

Overhauled Northeast marker soon to get “New Tavern with Summer Garden serving gourmet cheeses, coffee, wines and other items.” (PoP)

Groans about city cracking down on out-of-state plates (Examiner)

Afternoon-burglary spree in Northeast (Post)

Jay Mathews’s concern: “When the mayor is in trouble ... so are the schools.” (Class Struggle)

To avoid “hot cars,” avoid the 5000-series Metro cars (Dr. Gridlock)

Man stabbed to death at Southwest taxi repair shop (Crime Scene, WTOP, WaTimes)

Uber chief will be lobbying Wilson Building this week (@CMYMA)

Behold: Vince Gray and April Ludgate (@DCFilmOffice)