Down but not out. (Doug Kapustin/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

In other news:

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Brookings: Youth unemployment is rampant in D.C.; college isn’t for every student (Post, Housing Complex, Brookings)

A new ethics idea: “any Council member who is indicted on a felony charge shall be barred from chairing committees, voting in committees and voting on legislative or budgetary matters” (Dish)

Gaurav Gopalan’s partner discusses his murder with Pat Collins (WRC-TV)

Truancy rates drop sharply at some middle schools (D.C. Schools Insider)

Frisk of Metro transit cop’s killer at issue in D.C. Court of Appeals case (Legal Times)

A tale of two Bobbys — and a plea for a “comprehensive youth development strategy” (HuffPo)

FEMS is still over budget thanks to overtime costs (Examiner)

Interim Disability Assistance program will continue (DCFPI)

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More from report on CFSA’s child-removal decisions (Post)

Per-pupil school funding encourages residency fraud (WaTimes)

Still no details on the Department of General Services (WBJ)

D.C. cops might still arrest you if your vehicle registration is expired (Fox News)

Could the Avalon Lincoln Theatre work as a cinema? (PoP)

Green roofs for fire stations (WAMU-FM)

Harris Teeter ponies up $10,000 for Jan’s Tutoring House (news release)

David Catania still backing the Ward 8 Dems with constituent service fund (Loose Lips)