It was a nice day to evacuate. (Charles Dharapak/AP)

“We felt it would be best to have qualified structural engineers thoroughly inspect all 126 school buildings,” Chancellor Kaya Henderson said in a statement. But rec centers and libraries remain open, and the Post has a full list of closures for you. In other quake news: Experts are warning that “the full effect of the quake might not be known for days.”

No, the Washington Monument is not leaning, but it does have some cracks near its tip, leading to an indefinite closure. It was Virginia’s largest quake in 114 years, though the reasons for earthquakes in the area are “not entirely understood,” according to one seismologist. Yes, many of us thought it was a bomb, reminding people of another tragic late-summer day; “Same clear blue sky, same blessed break from the humidity.” Bob McCartney points out that the best-laid evacuation plans were thrown astray, and a Style piece puts things into perspective: “A 5.8-magnitude earthquake, and no lives were lost. People had gotten away with something.”

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