The upside of being mayor? Access to the city-owned luxury boxes at Verizon Center and Nationals Park. The downside of being mayor? Nosy reporters FOIAing your social calendar. WTOP/WJLA-TV’s Mark Segraves reports that Vincent C. Gray (D) has personally attended only a handful of events: The college hoops tournament and concerts by R. Kelly and Sade. But his kids have been lux-box fixtures. Daughter Jonice has requested tickets to Disney On Ice, Cirque Du Soleil and Taylor Swift. Son Carlos: Jay-Z, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. Do note: “According to records maintained by the Executive Office of the Mayor, the vast majority of the tickets controlled by the mayor go to constituents.”

In other news:

“[T]hrough her personal warmth, engagement with the community, professionalism and devotion to duty, Chief Lanier has raised the public’s level of confidence in police to what may be approaching an all-time high.” (Post editorial)

Kwame Brown wants study of neighborhood preference in charter school admissions (D.C. Schools Insider)

First D.C. employee pleads guilty to double-dipping unemployment checks (WAMU-FM)

Yvette Alexander, who voted against gay marriage, reacts to Barack Obama’s endorsement of it: “In my personal view, which I always have to keep separate from my council vote, I really never had a problem with it.” (WTTG-TV)

The case for a Ward 7 Wegmans: “The purchasing power located in 20019 and the rest of the District of Columbia should not be denied.” (CHotR)

Michael Davis wanted to buy a gun shortly before alleged hammer attacks (Post)

Davis is due in court Friday (AP)

Caterer’s propane tank explodes in National Building Museum, causing “life-threatening” burns (Crime Scene)

Michael Brown: furlough deal savior? (Examiner)

“D.C. home prices increased more in the past year than they have since 2006” (Where We Live)

Compared to states, District does dismally on national science test (Post, Examiner)

U.S. Attorney honors investigators who nailed Harry Thomas Jr. (Post)

Police inspector said to have failed drug test (WaTimes)

Where is the common ground between affordable housing advocates and density-loving urbanists? (GGW)

So much for compromise on Healthcare Alliance funding (Examiner)

The Washington Area Bicycle Association is the only outfit that can effectively install bike racks (WBJ)

West End marijuana dispensary gets ANC’s okay (DCist)

To neighbors’ dismay, former gas station off H Street NE will remain a gas station (Housing Complex)

Now there’s a petition to repay D.C. employee furloughs (Loose Lips)

Property tax appeals overhaul runs into another roadblock (WBJ, Examiner)

Why classic Russian literature demands you vote for Tim Day (Blade)

Several less-literary reasons for picking Kenyan McDuffie instead (Blade)

A 62-year-old man spent two decades representing clients in landlord-tenant court without a license (Legal Times)

Longtime residents don’t know “how to handle the opportunities that the city has to grow and add population” (RPUS)

Eisenhower Memorial revisions are due Tuesday (Examiner)